Jane Public Project: ACTIVATE

Every post here is well supported by facts

Every post here is well supported by facts, just the facts Ma’am. Not every fact here has a link, sometimes you will have to do a search on Mozilla Firefox ( the last independent search engine) to find the information yourself. All posts contain ways you can activate as a Warrior. When possible, we will post links and the copy of the links, or prior links. Many YouTube videos, Google search links and Facebook posts have disappeared as of May 3, 2017, been erased, or changed by aforementioned to prevent the support of conservative articles and content.

It is our collective hope you will share this and we permit all copy and paste to be used in Letters to the Editor of your proposed media for related subjects.

Be warrior like in your sharing and discussion of Taking Back Our Country. It is through your boldness and determination we can freeze the evil agenda and end it’s degradation for our Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

Trump has got our back. He has teams of intellects working 24/7 to execute a plan in the order of importance it needs to be done.  Trump has Masters at work, they have planned their work and are working the plan; we have to help and can help. Our team contributes our intelligence and melds it to make you strong.

Patriots will help build our page; only comment if you have something to offer to help build our information bank. If it’s a link, try and paste the link AND the content it has together, in case the link goes missing.  We love memes, and we love you, our fellow Patriots.

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