Main Stream Media is the mouthpiece of One World Order:SIOI.JPP.1


Main Stream Media (MSM) and groups like Occupy Democrats are counting on your continued ignorance of authentic facts. If they distract you long enough, you will become their useful idiots, brainwashed by lies.

Stop Insulting out Intelligence(SIOI). The Main Stream Media, Associated Press and Social Media such as Fascistbook (Facebook) need to keep the web of lies as twisted as possible.  Their close cousins AARP, Black Lives Matter and others help it along.

ACTIVATE:  Say Goodbye to MSM, get on board with Kloud TV, an excellent source of trusted Independent Media such as One America News Network. Check out Louder with Crowder, Ben Shapiro,  David, Michelle Malkin and more. Lay Track for the Trump Train with this Comprehensive list of Right News Media appears below.




We know CNN was established by Clinton’s CIA to be his propaganda machine and is now controlled by shadow government.  We understand Big Pharma commercials/sponsorships account for over 50% of your revenue in all the main stream newspapers/TV and that is why you support their evil agenda; eliminate and misinform  to thwart conservative ideas .  On TV of any type, your editors only choose guests and approve story lines that fuel lose of hope, glorify ANTIFA’s, their marches and distractions, and foment other untruths. Every day TRUMP has made major strides you ignore. We The People gave you your walking papers in the form of turning on CRTV and OANN(2 new channels you can access on Firefox)and tuning out CBS,MSNBC and so forth.  Every hour you don’t report major news such as;

FACT: The EPA removed all falsified Climate change documentation from their website May 1st, and you MSM never articulated they waited until the Earth Day marchers had marched on the previous weekend, we will never trust you.     Earth Day marchers in the City of Denver touting Stop Global Warming signs were snowed on, that would have been a wonderful story to illuminate the lie of global warming propagated by media like you.

FACT: May 4,2017 MSM has a 100% blackout on Pedophile Arrests. Attorney General Jeff sessions stated he expects to have 4000 + arrested in the United States alone.  There have been over 1,000 arrests thus far (some of them made from the Trump initiated Wounded Warrior Pedophile Hunter Project March, 2017, over 500 children recovered to date) in the USA.  Other Worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network(WSPN)/PizzaGate. leaders and followers including NYPD Boss Randuzzo,  and these folks as leaked from an FBI anonymous interview:

Q.  Good points. So, is PizzaGate connected to the West Coast.
A.  There is serious connection. Not necessarily connecting to the arrests we hope to see next week, but you may want to look into CES, and also NP and see if that politician has any Pizzadust on their shoes.
Q. Nancy Pelosi?
A.  No comment
Q.  Can you provide some more initials of politicians being investigated?
A . Sure  BF, MB, TK, DF, JM, LG  There are also journalists, pundits, money men, lobbyists. Many are being tracked down and are about to be exposed, arrested, drained. Some may off themselves when they realize they risk prison, ruination, loss of power, etc. ~

According to sources you can copy and find start here: Here is the new and expanded list to the alleged Washington D.C. politicians who are involved in the rape, murder, torture of innocent children.  The initials of the alleged criminal politicians names were only given by the FBI Insider, so this is the best guess right now until we can see how the arrests unfold in the coming week……….

Who are these high profile Initials referring to? If it is true these people are involved, it sure would go a long way in explaining why there is such obstructionism in Congress of the Reform Agenda put forth by Trump. Is it:
CES = Charles Ellis Schumer
NP = Nancy Pelosi
BF = Barney Frank
MB = Michael Blumenthal
TK = Tim Kaine
DF = Dianne Feinstein
JM = John McCain
LG = Lindsay Graham
FACT: Worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network WSPN is a $99 Billion dollar industry and 8 million children go missing a year.
Children used for WSPN are sacrificed in snuff films (Hollywood?? who is directing these films, people like Michael Moore??), unconsenting organ donations, sex slaves, prostitution, sacrifices for Luciferian rituals.
Dianne Feinstein also listed in the Bilderbergers, Shadow World Government.

FACT: Liberal media and other FAKE NEWS sources such as Social Media Giant Facebook wholesale deleted the founding administrators of all Pro Trump groups overnight on April 28, 2017.  That affected between 4-5 million active users, and millions more who are constantly joining Facebook.  FB stripped the public group founding admins with ANTIFA and are eliminating FB users from Pro Trump Groups to make it appear he has no supporters.  Further, their ANTIFA Trolls disguised as innocent or unwary Trump supporters are nothing more than plants who give a platform thread for ANTIFA to spread their lies and misinformation.  Look for more on Zuckerburg in upcoming JPP articles.


FACT:Facebook has eliminated, beginning around the time of Chancellor of Germany Merkel’s visit to the United States (Mid -March), all video and eye witness accounts of the Muslim Invasion, to cover up the lie that and all other heinous Muslims crimes against humanity and in fact all across Europe, their rapes, tortures and crimes.


FACT:Delusional Facebook founder Zuckerberg, a member of the desperate Global Elite, recently announced he will become the electoral arm for polling and voting all around the world.  Rest assured, Facebook as it exists now, will never be any part of the United States of America, because they have already sacrificed themselves to the United Nations which is run by the Global Elite.  When FB dedicated themselves to the United Nations they effectively slit their own throat with every Patriot. Without Facebook, Global Elite are dead in the water. Those fake polls they post  ”Impeach Brown, Do you Love Trump, Should Trey Gowdy be our FBI Director, Should we build a wall?”, these polls exist as a  way to collect your well intentioned “yes” vote to list you for erasure or limited use, and just  waste your time. And record who thinks these things.

Google and Facebook are close cousins.

Google has eliminated many conservative supporting links or buried them.  TRUMP WILL EVENTUALLY CHANGE THIS as he signed the ISP Order April 2017. So his stealth team can reverse engineer and eventually shut them down or claim them in their entirety for the public good as their founders have violated every Constitutional Censorship of We the People and deserve nothing less than life in prison.

We have awakened and are now using uncensored   independent media such as subscriptions to The New American,,  others will emerge.   

Thank you to Dave Hodges and The Common Sense show for this excellent video with proof that Americans are the most brainwashed people on the planet:

ACTIVATE: Take your top favorite conservative media outlets and get on their email blast list. Create a paper phone list/email list for everyone you want to stay in touch with, should there be a black out of social media.  Sign up for a different email account if you have gmail.  Check out Aol and Firefox instead of Google, just steer away from Yahoo,bing and Google.

ACTIVATE: Deprogram yourself from MSM and retune to authentic news only

ACTIVATE: We all know Conspiracy Deniers. Here’s a question for them:

You: I just read XX, and I believe it because of these facts YY.

CD: That’s not true, you’ve been brainwashed, what koolaid are you drinking, You’re a rascist! I’m going to throw a fit now because I can’t say anything else…..

You: But when would you know I’m right, if you think I’m wrong

CD: That will never happen! You’re lying!!!!!!

You: Yes, but if you think I’m lying and you find out I’m right, when will you know?

CD: I know what I am talking about, you are lying!

You: but wouldn’t the only time you know that you have been lied to is when it is too late?

ACTIVATE: To my fellow Patriot, it is not our job to convince, just to model logic and reason with truth seeking examination and witness the outcome, be it success or failure. Chink the armor of deceit.

Trump has disengaged with MSM and so should we. We are awake and we see citizen journalism as a conduit to the truth.

We Rise.


Contributing Sources



Trusted Conservative News Sources/Independent Media

Your 1600 daily (sends daily email)

Sean Spicer Press Conferences Daily

Washington Times

Federalist Papers



The Blaze

Freedom Daily

Crystal Clear


InfoWars. Alex Jones

Natural News

Yes I’m Right

Firefox Search Engine


Lowder with Crowder

Michelle Malkin

Ben Shapiro

Richie From Boston


Here’s a  compilation from The Federalist Papers

Top 100 Conservative Websites by Global Alexa Rating

Rank Name Website Alexa No Q2’14
2 WSJ Opinion Journal 241
3 Drudge Report 452
4 The Blaze 556
5 New York Post 873
6 Breitbart 1,339
7 IJ Review 1,749
8 NewsMax 1,824
9 WND 2,100
10 Daily Caller 2,166
11 Washington Times 2,337
12 National Review Online 4,461
13 TownHall 4,965
14 Free Republic 5,232
15 Instapundit/Pajamas Media 5,486
16 Hot Air 5,509
17 CNS News 5,608
18 Western Center for Journalism 5,901
19 Washington Examiner 6,442
20 Tea Party News Network 6,529
21 NewsBusters 6,912
22 Twitchy 7,282
23 Glenn Beck 7,520
24 The Washington Free Beacon 8,230
25 Weekly Standard 8,677
26 The Young Conservatives 9,284
27 Heritage Foundation 9,730
28 American Thinker 11,914
29 Rush Limbaugh 12,044
30 The Gateway Pundit 15,529
31 Allen B West 15,537
32 The Matt Walsh Blogg 16,743
33 Life News 18,663
34 Weasel Zippers 18,774
35 LifeSiteNews 19,382
36 Red State 20,251
37 PowerLine 20,934
38 The Right Scoop 20,994
39 Chicks on the Right 21,081
40 Front Page Magazine 21,893
41 21,964
42 The Spectator 22,204
43 Right Wing News 22,773
44 Red Flag News 23,553
45 Mr. Conservative 24,430
46 The New American 25,470
47 Personal Liberty Digest 29,320
48 Ludwig von Mises Institute 29,391
49 The Common Sense Show 31,306
50 The Federalist Papers 32,945
51 Ace of Spades HQ/My Pet Jawa/Cyankee 35,614
52 Human Events 37,687
53 Jihad Watch 37,832
54 Pat Dollard 43,804
55 American Spectator 44,383
56 Commentary Magazine 45,001
57 Steyn Online 49,612
58 The American Conservative 54,681
59 Michelle Malkin 54,875
60 Legal Insurrection 57,167
61 GOPUSA 59,206
62 Judicial Watch 62,769
63 Freedom Works 63,121
64 The Libertarian Republic 63,128
65 American Renaissance 67,042
66 Ann Coulter 67,959
67 Media Research Center 74,266
68 Dick Morris 74,599
69 Debbie Schlussel 74,986
70 Free Patriot 75,989
71 First Things 76,587
72 Day by Day 78,142
73 Borderland Beat 81,147
74 Conservapedia 81,866
75 Althouse 83,280
76 Bill O’Reilly 85,496
77 Daniel Pipes 86,022
78 Capitalism Institute 87,628
79 The Other McCain 88,123
80 Linkiest 91,900
81 The American Interest 93,885
82 I Own the World 94,130
83 Mark Levin 94,173
84 Renew America 94,654
85 White House Dossier 96,953
86 Outside the Beltway 98,330
87 Barracuda Brigade 99,920
88 The Patriot Post 99,949
89 The Black Sphere 106,528
90 Sean Hannity 108,310
91 American Enterprise Institute 109,892
92 Climate Audit 111,839
93 Lonely Conservative 113,858
94 Da Tech Guy 117,541
95 Numbers USA 123,031
96 The Conservative Tree House/Last Refuge 124,356
97 Vdare 129,602
98 Restoring Liberty 132,324
99 Accuracy In Media 134,303
100 Doug Ross@Journal 136,967


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