Prayin’ And Doin’ :SIOI.JPP.2

I am putting it in God’ hands.

Let’s pray about it.

God will never abandon his children.

Go with God. God is Good.

Stop Insulting Our Intelligence. We understand that we each can have a direct relationship with God, and our deities.   A religious relationship with No intercession by anyone is compulsory to get to my version of what I call heaven.

Christians truly believe God will protect them from evil by virtue of their professed Love of God. Why do they chronically leave themselves parked in the lot at the entitlement Christian mindset “I am a child of God and will never be abandoned”, and continually fail to “take up arms” in secular responsibility of action?

If authentic Christians take their devotion to principles of justice and righteousness seriously, then why is there consistent apathy to engage with God’s will as “God helps those who help themselves?”

I have an answer, or  partial answer.

Christians who are not busy raising their families to be the best people or working to be productive citizens for the good do nothing because they believe their intercessors will provide intercession/blessing; therefore, can ignore their personal responsibility in the evangelism of justice. An example would be researching legislators voting on Pro Islam matters, and letting your group of concerned citizens know about it.

Catholics and many organized religions have the same theme: Give me tithing $ so you can get to Heaven.  They have indoctrinated you to believe their intercession is necessary. If your faith place, your house of worship, inspires you to be the best you can be, and you donate/tithe for that, then you are in a healthy relationship with your house of worship.

While it might feel good or make people feel better to think that, there is no place in the Bible that says compulsory intercession is necessary to get to heaven.

We can conclude that which is called Deep State, Agenda 21, Global Elite etc. is truly Luciferian, essentially devil worshiping,  the soulless practice of  those  “in cahoots” with the Devil.

This is not religion, it is not worship of Deity. It is a Satanic Cult. It is an organized means to rally and indoctrinate pedophilia, murder and torture.

Most Christian believers would agree the power of prayer is absolutely as essential to a blessed life as is water. Catholics rely on the transference of blessings and strength as demonstration of personal faith through divine intercession. The Catechism states knowing God and receiving blessings is bestowed upon them by following ritualistic holy practices that include confession, communion, confirmation and so forth. Beginning in the 1980’s, it was widely believed and proven in arrests around the country Catholic faith holy intercessors, priests, have been exposed for mass pedophilia. The extension of this practice included catholic universities, catholic grade schools and churches ……

Pedophilia is a recurring them with the Luciferians as well.  As you and I contemplate this article, Trump’s FBI is rounding up pedophiles in what was termed Pizzagate. Not surprisingly, Pizzagate has been forsaken by liberal media, since it highlights mostly Demoncrat felons, I call them Progressive Pizzagaters.

As America’s newly minted news source, One America News Network, I wonder how the story will unfold.  Or is there too much other breaking news to bypass Pizzagate? Is OANN part of the complete media blackout covering the organized crime, are there ties which may implicate the highest Progressive bastions that are still untouchable?

Is it absolutely too heinous a globally reaching crime ring to begin reporting the early evidence of connected ties to unravel the sex trafficking, human hunting (lending children to be hunted by adults in camps), and organ harvesting resulting from Snuff films?  The Worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network is called just that all over the world; however, in America it goes by Pizzagate.  Australia 60 Minutes covers the organization in depth with it’s ties to America.

The surface of Pizzagate has been scratched with many arrests and many more to come.  The liberal media has virtually no reports of any of these arrests.  Early arrests currently under prosecution demonstrate clear ties to both high ranking Obama appointees, Obama CIA’s Franklin Credit Union as well as Clinton affiliations not limited to the Clinton Foundation long standing donor/associates Jeffrey Epstein, a registered sex offender, and are probably a very good indicator as to why there is such unprecedented obstructionism of Trumps policies by Progressives/ Democrats/Liberals.

Muslims call themselves an Organized Religion. If you were to map out the global Muslim invasion, we would see pedophilia and sex crimes increase proportionately to the presence Muslims, but disproportionately to all other sectors if the DOJ were to have a separate Muslim category, but they don’t, they are lumped together with whites/Caucasians.   In fact, here in the US, various states taking on the most Muslim “moderate” refugees began passing laws just ahead of the invasion to reduce (to 10 years old) or obliterate felony pedophilia charge standards totally. ACTIVATE: Research anti gun and pro mosque building in your legislature to find out who they were (they can be R or D)

In April 2017, pictures published worldwide with various quotes of Pope Francis promoting “cultural respect of Islam” show the Pope kissing the feet of seated Muslims.

Zombified Catholics will say he is showing respect to a Muslims, who want to kill all infidels. Ask your average Catholic what a Jesuit is and what is the role of the militants, and see what answer you find.

What are American Bishops doing to prevent Islamation?  If they are Jesuit, they’ll do nothing, they are collusionists.

Trump signed The Johnson Amendment unshackling churches  to protect religious liberty by allowing them to now be able to discuss politics.  This is true freedom indeed, and the IRS can no longer bully churches for speaking on political issues that affect their ministry.

ACTIVATE: Question your intercessors. If you are Catholic, question the role of the Vatican.  The Pope has recently condoned abortion, Islam (Devil Worship) and worse.   Find out what they intend to do for American Catholicism. We have awakened, and now we are asking questions.

ACTIVATE: What curriculum has your private school developed? Is Gay normative or LBGT positive a part of your studies or M.O. as it is in public schools.

Get to Doin’ and not just Prayin’, or you will be finding yourself Prayin’ to be Doin’ anything that Free People like to do.

We Rise, One Nation Under God, with Liberty and Justice for All.   Tom Perez DNC deep ties to Jesuits   A line in the sand Jesuits, the military order of Catholic religion takes control.   Jesuits are the military order of RC. Pope Francis a Jesuit.
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