Trump is a Nazi, according to Liberal Millennials: SIOI.JPP5

History for the person over 30-35 years old, was truthful.  Anyone under 30 is suffering from the covert Liberal Academia rewrite of history (via Common Core) to indoctrinate our youth with socialistic ideologies to more easily advance their One World Order OWO. They were lied to.

At an adult level, even Hillary Clinton  soft pedaled socialism magic dust in her book  It Takes a Village, 1996 which advocates  replacing parents with government.

Stop insulting our intelligence (SIOI) as a community of people who discovered your subversive agenda, you are being defunded immediately.

In a recent post by a millennial in Group Occupy Democrats on Fascistbook, this victim of the Left writes to her viewers “Trump is a Nazi, he doesn’t want us to have a voice. Impeach him! He will take away all your rights. Let’s show our support of Muslims, oppressed by Trump. Make May 1 Loyalty Day- hajib day.”

The illogical left is fueled by Soros/OWO, Facebook and their handlers, professors. Even their Kindle transmits to them based on their user ID age what rewrite of which books to send. If you and your daughter both have Kindles and you both order George Orwell’s 1984, you will each receive a different copy.

It would be virtually impossible to attend University and not be indoctrinated with the hatred of the Left.

While immersed in liberal academia, our kids are being indoctrinated to believe socialism/communism=fairness, and capitalism=selfishness.

Secret societies are also claiming our youth while is college, with most being Satanic worshiping groups.  Rituals for acceptance include cannabilsm, beastiality and cutting, blood drinking and public sex while eating eating feces.  These are also rituals of the Masons/Free Masons and Illumanati.

Right now, the trajectory that is the liberal academic university is a machine to create anarchists and should be avoided.  Pick up a trade instead.

ACTIVATE; Choose a College like Hillsdale College, or get that first year done online.

ACTIVATE:If you own a business, do a solid check on everyone, take liberals off the payroll.

In April 2017,Trump has directed the Education Secretary to reverse the Obama November 2016 mandate to erase all student loans.  Students will now have to pay back all their loans.  This has fueled more hate as they are coming to grips with their realities.

New York State announced in March 2017 it’s plan to 100% fund college education for all residents making under $100,000.00.

The timing was political. It is a ploy to be sure they retain the liberal vote from all the “dead fish” in New York.

The signage change and Letterhead reprint to University of Lemming One, University of Lemming Two, and so on shouldn’t pose too much of a burden; it would be the first authentic thing they have done in a long time.

In New York, since you won’t be paying for it directly, you won’t have any student right or say in what goes on there, who teaches you and what is taught.  Therefore; as parents everywhere will send their high school graduates kids off each September, the NY institutions will have no responsibility except to their agendas, because it is free.

Their Leftist cousin on the Far West Coast, California, just did the opposite a few weeks ago.  They defunded all higher education money for middle class Californians.  No more state funded partial credit, all gone! This would alienate the population, but then again, they don’t care because Gov. Jerry Brown sold out to the United Nations, he made California theirs.  Northern California has two 2 large population sectors, H1B/H2B visa holders (about 4 million people including holdovers), the imported slaves to tech giants. The other is LGBT (roughly 4 million); San Francisco has the highest population of LGBT, not exactly turning out many babies, which is cheaper for the state.

Not to regress, but LBGT Mafia California State legislator Scott Weiner introduced a bill in February 2017 to decriminalize known AIDS carriers passing along AIDS.  It is premised on the fact 87% of those incarcerated on current AIDS laws (currently if you knowingly spread aids, you are a felon) were identified as being of the Sex industry, meaning they have sex with many people to make money.  This bill says, ‘go ahead and kill me’, but the LBGT community feels the opposite; they believe it is their “right” to unknowingly/willingly kill each other. The companion bill Weiner introduced the next day, moves the long term healthcare costs of long surviving AIDS victims into the public domain, forcing the public to shoulder the bill of the AIDS patient when their insurance is cut off.

California has issued over 1 million drivers licenses since 2015 to illegals. Let’s glom these 3 populations together for arguments sake, as they represent a voter block, about 20% of the total California population. Add absentee owners Chinese and Mexican Nationals, sprinkle it with a good dose of apathy, now you have a massive population of over 10 million people who really don’t give a damn what goes on with higher education.

Both states, ironically, will have the same student product, lemmings, or “dead fish”.

Since both states depend on their constituent’s paying  ridiculous taxes to fund these endeavors, they will still be in control of the outcomes (lemmings) and the capacity for fostering independent thinkers to flourish will be wiped out for good.

Conformity to Alt left principals will be paramount to graduating successfully from these institutions of “higher learning”.

Let’s assume for a nanosecond that anything given away free is inherently evil.

In the case of NY, this Ponzi scheme can work for a bit, because you still have a viable demographic of working people with the financial world is rooted in NYC. As long as they aren’t taken out by GMO food, chemtrails, fluoride and age, this can work long enough to accomplish the liberal goal of the Great Lemming Movement, crucial to the plan of the One World Order.  If any homeschooled or independent thinkers have slipped through the cracks left, this should be the final train out to conformity.

But California universities will be essentially free, too. The wealthy will pay, in the name of status, superficiality ridiculous tuition to have their lemmings molded into more mindless One World Order soldiers, to further the Cause.  The flip side, low income students, will be paid for by these same parents and /us /taxpayers in the form of Grants/Student Loans. It’s exactly like Obamacare, the paying customers pay for the non working/low income.  The low income will also produce lemmings, because they were already at risk.  Most likely they attended schools with CORE curriculum, which is the precursor to foment the One World Order Agenda.

Both states offer “Safe Spaces” to further play into the demented notion the Real World is Bad, and the University is Good.  Both offer free counselors who prescribe addictive drugs, unknown to the parents. Both have free and for credit RESIST/Anti-Trump courses.

Lemmings are the young Zombies of the Zombie Apocalypse.

Dead fish go with the flow. Until we awaken and ACTIVATE. The only winner here is One World Order.


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