How Common Core Exploits Children: SIOI:JPP8

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The proponents for outcome based education need to stop insulting our intelligence. We know Common Core, “no child left behind programs”, “race to the top”, and testing that intensively continues for weeks is evil and exploits our children.

At the root of it all is the wholesale replacement of the Socratic method (Socrates) truth seeking questioning to grab onto the misnamed Critical Theory thinking (Aristotle).

Socrates was a lover of learning, and lifelong student of truth. How do we find truth? We ask questions, make determinations and draw conclusions. When we receive more information, authentic open mindedness will keep asking questions, instead of just making points.

Excerpted from Quora “Aristotle, in contrast, represents the desire to categorize state, bring order to, and declare certainties. His works are filled with factual statements, some very right, some very wrong, on the nature of things.”

Does this sound familiar? How do we send off our reasonable, malleable, love of learning kids and end up with know-it-all anarchists?

Anarchists can be steered, angered and agitated into unhinged behaviors easily because they are also taught to violently/strongly reject anything outside of their programmed narrative. Anarchists have been told this ability to hear and shut off is referenced as the open minded approach.   Anarchists have been programmed to access their limbic brain function (anger/fear/fight/flight-all base need)  to fill the gap of the demands of common core which are requiring them to call on their prefrontal cortex. Prefrontal cortex is the ability to advance logic, facts and reason into a conclusion, which doesn’t get developed until they are mid teen and continues until they are adults.

Since they have undeveloped rationalization skills, they are forced to go to the emotional base need to make sense of it all. Then you eventually get the unhinged liberal. The anarchist will be the conspiracy denier, because they have no capacity to accept anything outside what they have been programmed by indoctrination.

Anarchists are mainly joyless. This demographic has exceedingly skyrocketing rates of hostility, anger management issues, anxiety, depression and internalizing  all aforementioned to manifest in headaches, respiratory and stomach ailments.

Our children have become “experts”, when in fact they actually don’t “know”, they aren’t knowledgeable. They have become expert regurgitators.   Logic and reason by Socratic method are not being taught.  Knowledge, the ability to gather facts and draw conclusions, is being systematically erased.  Aristotle was the ultimate arranger of all information, accepting limited truth or lies as truth, unwittingly then filing this into a systematic arrangement to then call on it later for fact regurgitation.  Aristotle’s Critical Theory method creates skeptics, not truth seekers.

If children haven’t learned logic and reason through asking questions and drawing conclusions, then they can’t discern fact from opinion. They will be compliant drones.  Assembly line worker bees are all that will be required, they don’t want CEO’s and thought leaders.

And that is exactly what OWO needs to push forth their evil agenda.

OWO don’t want anyone understanding the way you can find out truth and lies, because then you and your children  could question authority, their authority.

They don’t want any questions. They only seek compliance.  Sheeples, people acting like sheep. That is all that will be needed if we don’t rise.

Eventually there will be a slaughter of your freedom, your finances, your religious rights, even your political freedoms when you cannot understand the difference between fact and opinion.

We, the citizens of this country have awakened to why Common Core is evil.

ACTIVATE: Seek out programs like “Love and Logic by Dr. Kline”, seek out online lessons that show how to understand facts and opinion.

ACTIVATE: Reject Common Core, Gay positive normative statements/lessons, brutality tolerance, and teachers, administrators schools who believe in the same.

ACTIVATE: Homeschool or combine your efforts to homeschool with other like minded parents.

ACTIVATE: You are the only advocate your child has and perhaps will ever have. Look to your warrior within. For your child to have joy and confidence, he must have personal peace. Peace begins at home.

If you choose to share this, you can add joy to many families, and prevent many devastating stories in our nations future.

Grace Lewis is a mother of four. She is a registered nurse from Mount Vernon, Arkansas. Grace started researching Common Core in 2013 after concerns about her son’s math homework. Grace Lewis and Patrick Richardson created Arkansas Against Common Core website. Arkansas Against Common Core is a grassroots movement for teachers, parent, and students. It is a local organization that doesn’t accept any political endorsement from other organization. It also doesn’t receive funding from others.

After in-depth research, Grace became shocked. She started to contact legislators on education committees. She wanted to do what she can do to stop Common Core. AACC aim to prevent The Common Core State Standards Initiative Reform. They do that by informing educators and parents about legislation, research, and activism. In 2015, AACC became part of Arkansans for Education Freedom, the parent organization.

So what is Common Core? Common Core is a set of national standards for English and math, and more subject areas are coming. It is going to transform how educators teach to children. Common Core supporters say that it will help kids prepare for college. By college, they mean community college and not the university. Supporters of Common Core also say that it will help children move from state to state. Still, according to the Bureau of Statistics, less than 2% of children moves during the school year.

So what is wrong with Common Core? In fact, non-educators paid for Common Core, and politicians crafted it behind closed doors. There is two main issue that concern Arkansas Against Common Core and they are. This is where it gets creepy.

1) The less of state and local control. Businesspeople and politicians backing up the government to manipulate the education system are unconstitutional. On many levels. Common Core creates consumer clones to serve big corporations. Local communities are a better judge of what is appropriate for teaching children. If the government took that power from Arkansans, it would not give it back. If Common Core did not work, the government would still evade responsibility.

2) The government monopoly of institutional power. It leads to less power for Arkansans. The government will have more authority to redefine academic standards and achievements. There will be no defense against that. The corporations will have direct access to children’s minds and conduct sociological exterminations. AEF points out to the radical agenda is already set in motion. AEF thinks it is a serious issue and a Trojan horse that the government is using to control the children.

There is a host other related matters as well. This movement is starting in Arkansas but quickly spreading to other cities like Austin and Houston. Among them is the “collection of unqualified people” who developed Common Core. The data mining, collecting data about students and their parents and selling them. To other governmental organization or even agencies in the private sector. Despite all that Arkansas Against Common Core is apolitical organization. It is not affiliated with the democratic party or the republican party. However, it is a member organization participating in teaching Arkansan teachers, parents, and students. Human life and the rule of law are the two defining values of AACC.

You are going to love the book by Arkansas Against Common Core member, Karen Lamoreaux. The book is called, No Choice, No Voice. And read Michelle Malkin blog entries about Common Core.

ARTICLE EXPLAINING MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD GROUP Affiliate PEARSON Education who is buying up every school publisher book company so there won’t be any independent media for schools.

Header photo for this aricle was a muslim girl

from the first webpage at website with the heading below it, “21st Century Education- How do you teach skills that last a life time?”

Pearson Education is a company that designs “education products and services to institutions, governments and direct to individual learners”. They have 40,000 employees in 80 countries. “Pearson is listed on the London and New York stock exchanges (LSE: PSON; NYSE: PSO). In fact, Pearson is one of the few companies to have been a constituent of the FTSE100 ever since the index began in 1984. However, though the name has remained the same the company behind it has changed beyond all recognition”.

The three main changes the company cites are as follows: (

  1. “A corporate focus on ‘education in the broadest sense of the word’, a strategy of becoming the world’s leading learning company with heavy exposure to the growing global education market.”
  2. “A transformation from book publisher to digital services company.”
  3. “A significant expansion into fast-growing developing economies including China, India, Africa and Brazil.”

Pearson is a former member of the Advisory Council for the United Nations Global Compact. They continue to be a member. “Participation in the Global Compact continues to provide an important framework for Pearson as we develop and grow, and are pleased to continue our support and engagement,” Robin Freestone Chief financial officer (and Board member responsible for corporate responsibility)

Remember, the Gates Foundation also used the United Nations as one vehicle for funding the development and implementation of Common Core in the United States.

Pearson appears to have a number of investors worldwide with one of the largest financial contributors being the Libyan Investment Authority that holds 26 million shares. According to the Financial Times of London, the Libyan Investment Authority was founded by Libyan dictator Muammer Gaddafi’s son Seif al-Islam with shares now belonging to more than five members of the Gaddafi family. In the Middle East; Turkey, Saudi Arabia, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood have invested heavily in Pearson Education.

Pearson Education claims they are a public company in a free market and they have no control over their shareholders. In other words, they didn’t mean to fund terrorist activities.

“Muslim Brotherhood documents seized by the FBI and presented at the Holy Land Foundation Trial in Texas revealed a plan by the Muslim Brotherhood and their subsidiary organizations like CAIR to penetrate and indoctrinate American K-12 students.”

These documents were believed to be the Muslim Brotherhood’s manifesto in North America. You can view the documents from the Holy Land Foundation Trials by visiting the following links: (Note: the documents are provided in Arabic and English. You will need to scroll down the document to get to the English translation.)

In May 2014, Pearson Education took over teacher certification in New York State, because the state had to implement “reforms” to compete for federal ‘Race to the Top’ dollars. The evaluation system known as the Teacher Performance assessment (TPA) will be solely administered by Pearson Education. New York State teachers will be entirely evaluated by Pearson Education.

University programs for teacher training are being subsidized by Saudi Arabia. Middle East Studies (under Title VI of the Higher Education Act) which entails designing lesson plans and seminars on the Middle East for American K-12 teachers are being distributed without oversight despite federal funding by the United States government. Saudi Arabia is funding the foundation creating the materials and training of the teachers and coordinators of these programs.

Pearson Education did not miss a chance to be a part of this exciting training, because there were higher education dollars up for grabs. You can view their website specifically designed for Middle Eastern studies at the following link:

Pearson Education is involved in academic research and influencing governmental policy. Pearson Education along with Cisco Systems, IBM, Intel, and the Gates Foundation throw all kinds of money at “non-profit” organizations in an attempt to effect policies that will lead to profits for their companies. Common Core was designed and copyrighted by The National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). You find Pearson Education listed as one of the many donors to NGA. Pearson Education is also listed as a business and industry partner for CCSSO.

The U.S. spends more than $632 billion a year to educate children ages five to 18 (approximately $12,608 per student). Education, including college and mid-career training, represents nearly 9 percent of U.S. gross domestic product. That is more money than is spent on energy or technology.
Pearson Education may claim they have no control over whether their stock is funding terrorist activities, but consumers and the United States government can control whether they purchase Pearson Education materials. We exercise our consumer rights in a free market all of the time.

Parents have rights too. The following was written by an Ohio teacher, “Refusing to allow your child to participant in state testing is a parental right guaranteed by the 14th amendment and broadly protected by the Supreme Court (see Meyer and Pierce cases). The Supreme Court has repeatedly held that parents possess the “fundamental right” to “direct the upbringing and education of their children.” Furthermore, the Court declared that “the child is not the mere creature of the State: those who nurture him and direct his destiny have the right coupled with the high duty to recognize and prepare him for additional obligations” (Pierce v. Society of Sisters, 268 U.S. 510, 534-35). The Supreme Court criticized a state legislature for trying to interfere “with the power of parents to control the education of their own” (Meyer v. Nebraska, 262 U.S. 390, 402.). In Meyer, the Supreme Court held that the right of parents to raise their children free from unreasonable state interferences is one of the unwritten “liberties” protected by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment (262 U.S. 399).”

You can use your voice as a parent and refuse to allow your child to be used as a tool for funding terrorist activities. Pearson Education may not be the only unwitting player.

_____________________________ STARTED UNDERSTANDING EVILS of Obama’s Common Core


Edward Conway

A2A, my thanks. They are polar opposites in style and direction, and each represents a different part of what has grown into rational thinking.

Socrates was focused on the method of understanding something: asking questions, providing examples, sharing stories and allegories. He was less concerned about stating things as absolutely true, and more interested in breaking down preconceptions about what people think is true. His focus was on questioning, and on developing critical thinking as a skill and a way of interacting with the world. He uses the metaphor of a midwife helping delivery of a baby to describe his way: he does not create understanding or knowledge, but he uses techniques to help it come into being.

A famous story of him is that the Oracle of Delphi stated that he was the wisest of the Greeks, to which he replied that this was because he understood that he did not know anything for certain. So Socrates, in many ways, represents the drive to question and examine.

A good example of this is the Meno, a dialogue where the participants attempt to understand virtue. One of the early lines is especially telling, in which Socrates is asked “Do you have it in you to tell me whether virtue is teachable?”. Socrates and the others then explore the concept of virtue, citing examples of virtuous and unvirtuous conduct, and by doing so, raise and reject various answers. At the end, Meno and company have moved from incorrect certainties to a lack of certainty that leaves them open to new possibilities. Thus the answer to Meno’s question would be “No, and no one does”, as Socrates seeks ever to achieve the state of critical thinking with an open mind.

In contrast, Politeia The Republic (Plato), shows what happens when Socrates is forced to explain what he thinks and believes, to rather confusing and odd results. Socrates is at his best when he is questioning and examining, rather than stating conclusions.

Aristotle, in contrast, represents the desire to categorize, state, bring order to, and declare certainties. His works are filled with factual statements, some very right, some very wrong, on the nature of things. He explains how categorization should be done, and then goes on to explain how he thinks women are more like plants than they are like men, in that he claims they lack the thinking souls of men. This gives you a hint of some of his biases, and how they held back his works.

In truth, both pieces are needed for rigorous inquiry. The questions of Socrates are useful in making sure that worldviews do not stagnate or become blind to contrary evidence. At the same time, some order and organizing of Aristotle is needed to provide any coherent understanding.

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