How the Muslim invasion was planned to overcome Christianity and eradicate Non-Muslims.SIOI.JPP12

Former U.S. President, Our Muslim-In-Chief Barack Hussein Obama, used what muslims call “taquiya”, the muslim practice of lying to non-muslims to advance Islam to be our president.


Stop insulting our intelligence (SIOI), we know that you, muslim Obama, fomented the muslim invasion to overrun our Christian country and eventually kill “infidels” (all non- muslims) as the final part of your plan called Agenda 21 (New World Order,One World Order).  Hillary Clinton planned to complete your evil Plan; instead, Trump triumphed and won the election and is Making America Great Again(MAGA).

Transgender Michael/Michelle Obama (Born Michael Lavaughn Robinson) played the wife role to two children who were borrowed/adopted(not confirmed) by the Obama’s to keep up the lie they were a perfect American family.

Born in Kenya as Barry Soetero, he is a militant muslim who was chosen in the 1980’s by the Agenda 21 to eventually be the President of the United States to advance Islam for the purpose of One World Order run by the Globalists.

After Islam choose their selected puppet, Obama’s supporters, Radical Islamic nations, drew up the 1992 plan to invade America, and the Clinton Foundation put in motion a variety of  programs to help the invasion succeed.

Programs of the Clinton Administration/Obama Administration for Agenda 21 which has evolved into Agenda 2030:

Weaken American Youth Physically

Bill and Melinda Gates (Gates Foundation) funded human vaccination experiments worldwide which were genocidal at worst and damaging at best (see below)which adds heavy metals (aluminum) and pathogens to experiment on humans for Depopulation. This plan was detailed in the Gates TED presentation in 2010, but had started in the 1990’s. Bill Gates clearly states the need for depopulation in TED, and the audience claps… These vaccines have been directly linked to Autism, genocide and birth defects. autism. The first vaccine experiments that killed thousands were done in Africa, which had been previously invaded by Muslims two years before us.  By the way,  Muslims don’t accept vaccines, it’s against their “religion”.

Further, the vaccines contain endocrine inhibitors for boys to lower testosterone production abilities ( for less warriors) and for girls, to begin menstrating as early as 8 years old. This fit the Agenda as Islamated States (California, Wisconsin,Michigan,New Jersy, New York,Texas,) began creating legislation 2014 and later to allow marriage of girls at age 9 or 10, ushering in sharia law pedophile practices.

Immunology weakened by vaccines, promotion of sugar energy drinks, lack of clean protein and GMO food furthered this weakening of our youth physically. The aluminum in the vaccines acts as nano drillers to break the blood brain barrier, all the while the parents believe mandatory vaccination is keeping the world safe.  The best $2 you will ever spend is investing 4 hours in the you tube docu series The Truth About Vaccines.

ADD/ADHD were invented to sell more drugs by Dr. Eisenberg. “ADHD is fraud intended to justify starting children on a life of drug addiction,” said Dr. Edward C. Hamlyn, a founding member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, back in 1998 about the phony condition. Adding to this sentiment, psychiatrists Peter Breggin and Sami Timimi, both of whom oppose pathologizing the symptoms of ADHD, say that ADHD is more of a social construct than it is an objective “disorder.”

Indoctrinate our Youth

Clinton’s establishment of socialistic normative moral relativism, It Takes A Village by Hillary Clinton made frogs of Americans in the proverbial slow boil pot. By convincing parents gay positive messages were teaching tolerance and convincing parents everywhere the State would do a better job of raising their children then they ever could, socially Americans became dumb downed.

Common Core education establishment foisted upon unsuspecting public school system erased authentic history with partner Pearson Media (supplier of most education media), a muslim brotherhood partner. The 5 pillars of Islam are federally outlawed now, but were part and parcel to Common Core.

Liberal academia (college and universities) radicalized millenials to brainwash the now evolving population of opiod hooked ADHD and ADD students with free on campus “counseling” to radicalize them and distribute prescriptions freely(while still on their parents’ medical plans)  to make sure they were hooked and easier to control, true zombification.

Pearson Media flipped the history books and published false data to glorify and justify evil while confusing students with liberal professors who helped spread the lie.

-Most American campuses currently hold RESIST workshops and Anti- Trump classes.

Secret Societies beginning with after school elementary Satanic Clubs to normalize cult idealogy, and indoctrinate by use of  evil rituals victimizing the recruits who develop into witnesses of animal bestiality, animal killing and and rise to fomentors of death of animals, babies and people, including cult worship.  Skull and Bones and other university based clubs then give rise to the Freemasons and other satanic worship societies. The Jesuit led Vatican is the Illumanati.

ACTIVATE: Vanderbuilt University and Hillsdale College are solid conservative universities. Check your school for these resistance classes, which they recommend students veil from their paying parents.

Defund Defense and Military, Weaken Borders

Slow defunding of our military and later the creation of murderous deployments like Benghazi making sitting ducks of our soldiers, while leaving true authentic refugees to die. One million Christian refugees have been killed in the “travel ban” countries by moderate and radical muslims, and in which the most known terrorists live since 2014. Trump is reactivating Star Wars and other defenses such as visa recall of over one million visa overstays that the Obama administration “lost track of” in aDHS program in which only 1% of overstays were found and deported.

Democrat American leaders and turncoat Republicans have been complicit with Deep State to obstruct physical border protection to continue the flow of opium to continue mass population zombification, gun running and sex slaves.  Through the  VOLAGS and Visa refugee and contractors (H1B,H2B) which resettle refugees, mainly church groups.

Establish NY/NJ, Texas,California, Wisconsin,Michigan as muslim migration entry points first to better control and allow the flow of refugees from all points North,South,East and West.

Weaken American Taxpayer Financial Health:

Weaponizing by Obama Executive Order stringent laws and means of arming the IRS to drain over $500 billion of the resources of working Americans through forcing civil forfeiture of assets, bank accounts, possessions, land and homes. Trey Gowdy instituted public defenders for these victims the first week of the Presidency, and much of this has been curtailed.

Weaken American Physical Health

Obamacare was set to bankrupt in September 2017, Democrats won’t admit that. They never planned to offer it beyond then, which assisted in the bankrupting of Americans as well as the early deaths of the weak. Eugenics is key to The Great Culling which is still part of their plan. Canada is a full one year ahead of us in the invasion and their evil Prime Minister Trudeau banished 13 million state aided elderly Canadians out in the cold April 1, 2017 when they abruptly closed assisted living, palliative care and hospice centers.

REcently, insurance companies began offerring physcsian assisted suicide for stage 3 cancer patients while witholding benefits.

GMO crops, genetically engineered food and sugar(causes high blood pressure and promotes cancer) overload along with chemtrail to weaken immune systems and create general malaise is another key component. As of the writing of this article, Deep State is still strong in these areas, although Trump and his cabinet have taken important steps in demanding labeling of all genetic engineering food, outlawing aluminum imports and tracking manufacturing of same to eventually chokehold chemtrail contractors and Big Pharma.

ACTIVATE: Holistic detox involving Epsom Salts and other easy to get products can get your body back to a healthy alkaline state which kills cancer without drugs before it can take hold and rid your body of chemtrail toxicity. Yahoo search Ken Rohla, he has vast amounts of detox info.


After becoming Muslim-In-Chief, when Americans were lied to in an election in which they believed they were voting for a Patriot,  Obama completed the last 2 major pieces of the plan to Islamate America.

COMMON CORE and the Muslim Invasion

In 2008, Obama incentivized public schools to drop their Socratic based learning methods of truth seeking questions (creates thinkers and knowledge) with age appropriate subject matter and classic curriculum and instead adopt Common Core (antagonistic regurgitation of facts, forsaking true knowledge) in English and Math. Most schools adopted Common Core by winning positions in Race To The Top and other Programs, it’s sole purpose was to create worker bees, to turn our capitalism economy into a communistic/socialist one.  Most schools adopted Common Core by 2012.  (See JPP8 for a full discussion of CORE)

Premise of Common Core(JPP8) involves social normative relativism, convincing children questioning authority is bad, not discerning fact from opinion and exploiting developing brain function to artificially create limbic brain response promoting anger and hatred.  The Attack mode that becomes ingrained creates lack of empathy, lack of motivation and overall apathy.

Promoting the Lie of Climate Change to create environmental crisis

The earth is cooling with Deep State and UN provided chemtrail (also called geoengineering, weatherization and chemclouding). Weather created through this unconsented human experimentation program has already caused a lack of food down 12-15% from last year due to major storms. The goal of this program is create food shortages as well as decimate food source soils with extreme acidification.  GMO crops can grow in these soils, organic plants cannot; seeds won’t germinate, the sun doesn’t shine. The only food that could be grown will be GMO. (See JPP, Chemtrails for more.)

Dirty Electricity,  “Smart Home”, 5G and other Radiation Producing Technologies

Vizio TV was forced to pay only a $2m fine when it was discovered all Vizios are 2way TV’s and can see into your home. Smart metering, net metering and 5G are all radiation producing technologies capable of sending subliminal messages as well as radiate you to promote cancer. A future JPP will address all these technologies and how various wavelengths and types of radiation output by these devices causes cancer. Who can afford a “smart home’? People with jobs and money. If you are busy with cancer, you will be forced into socialistic healthcare, and not be able to pay much attention to anything else.

ACTIVATE: Remove smart technologies from your home. Avoid high density housing. Check with your legislator on local and regional laws of same. Three states have now banned smart meters.

Muslim assisted Legal Death of Americans

CAIR is the free legal service used by muslim refugees to create harrassment lawsuits of Americans to drain them of their productive time and resources. Lawsuits are cropping up all over the country to drive Americans out of Islamated towns, with new ones surfacing daily. Our DOJ is filled with Obama Appointees who are doing their damndest to usher in Sharia Law, while vicitmizing Patriots. Trump has done a terrific job and already filled over 60 of 120 vacancies. We must combat George Soros who is buying DA and AG seats around the country by paying for Democratic elections of same. These key positions shape much of local and regional policy and law.

ACTIVATE: Find out who is campaigning in these key positions, learn about their platform and get behind conservative candidates.


Muslims invade Africa, Europe, Australia , Scandanavia and the US To Bankrupt the World

Around  2010 and after authentic refugee Christians were being stranded in the terrorists states by Obama appointed visa contractors (VOLAGS). While same contractors selectively let in millions of Muslims, they denied visas to all refugee Christians. From 2011 to 2016, over one million Christians have been slaughtered by the Muslims. Anyone Christian who is alive in Muslim countries has been enslaved.  There are no more Christians in Arab Countries that aren’t in prison. They have been exterminated.

We currently have 4 million muslim refugees living in the United States. The total population of people living in the United States is about 315 million.

Contractors (VOLAGS) awarding travel visas gave each and every Muslim, even newborn babies, a $10,000 travel loan each (a plane tickets is about $900) and also offered business loans to the refugees; $15,000 business loan per muslim via a promissory note.  In 2016, all the loans totaled over $4,000,000,000.00 Billion dollars. The loans, were written off by the Obama Administration and they were considered forgiven, they didn’t have to pay them back. He did this a few weeks before he left office. Judicial Watch filed an FOIA in 2016 to document how many loans were paid and how many weren’t.  So far, no paid loan documents have been received by the FOIA.

When the Muslims were awarded travel visas and they arrived here, they received $1,300-1900.00 per month(depending where they lived)  in welfare subsidies. One Muslim man can have up to four wives and unlimited children, for each baby born, they also receive the base amount and full medical benefits via Medicaid. If we use an average amount of $1550.00/month in stipend, that totals $6,200,000,000.00 billion each month in stipend we pay out monthly to muslims to live here and not work,not assimilate and get ready to invade us, our schools, and end our Christian way of life.

It is unknown how much Medicaid has been spent.  If we used a very modest average nominal figure of $1,000 per year on 4 million muslims, then that is also $4,000,000,000 billion dollars for Medicaid per year. This is a fair number to assume, as just one hospital birth average is $15,000.00 nationally, (not including infant care). Even a simple surgery can run $10,000.00. Average nationwide cost for an uncomplicated ER case (such as food poisoning, is $1300.00 per hour).  A FOIA needs to be filed to determine exactly how much has been spent.

There is no data on the amount of muslim children enrolled in schools, school population statistics include muslim as a white race, so there is no clear statistic available.  If we used an average of 20% of the total muslim population of 4 million of all muslims currently here, that would be 800,000.00 muslim students. Per capita student expenditure across the United States average is $12,200.00 for public schools.  800,000.00 students x $12,200.00 per student is $9,760,000,000.00 Billion annual school expense. If we average that over a 12 month school year, the cost is $813,333,333.00 monthly per total pupil population.

Cost to Taxpayers for Islamation by the Obama Administration

As of May 10, 2017

Government funding Spent to bring Muslims to US and sustain them. (Estimated):

$4,000,000,000.00 Billion dollars in travel/business loans to muslim refugees directly

$5 Billion plus paid to VOLAGS, visa resettlement contrators including 5 religious contractors (approx $85,000.00 per refugee, estimated) but this is incomplete data as we don’t have a complete report of total VOLAG activity as soem VOLAG are faith based and have not reported this activity as refugee resettlement as it may reported in other areas of their financials.


ONGOING MONTHLY COST TO HAVE MUSLIMS in our United States as of today May 25, 2017:

$6,200,000,000.00 Billion in stipend monthly (all welfare/housing/energy subsidy/free cell phone) and they don’t pay any tax on the subsidy; tax loss is not figured in this number and the opportunity cost to have funded another netity that could produce wealth such as college students.

$813,333,333.00 million monthly total muslim school pupil population (assumingtheir are no IEP’s for disability).

$400,000,000.00 million annually in Medicaid, using a very low estimate of $100/month per person. Currently there is no public information on Medicaid for this ethnic group.

Muslims don’t choose Islam, Islam claims them. Muslims are indoctrinated by the Qur’an which contains  117 verses justifying killing infidels (non-muslims).

Your local school is indoctrinating your student with the 5 pillars of Islam.  Schools don’t recognize Islam as a religion, they view it as an ideology, and it is a part of Common Core, they teach the 5 pillars of Islam in every Common Core school all across America.  If a parent writes a letter to a Common Core school inquiring about Islam, you will receive a letter back saying they are non-sectarian (they don’t teach religion in school). Since schools don’t view Islam as a religion, they are using this “non-sectarian”statement to mislead parents everywhere.

ACTIVATE: Write a letter/email to your superintendent and school board and ask them for a copy of all Islamic teachings for every grade to check for yourself if they are complying with Federal Law.  It is your right as a member of your local community to have this information even if you have no children in the school.

ACTIVATE: If you use your forthcoming school voucher to elect a new school, review the materials and see if they are using Pearson Educational media. Pearson is supported by and partners with the Muslim Brotherhood. They use subliminal messages in textbooks and materials to advance Islam.

The Change has become real.

APRIL 2017 TRUMP/GORSUCH announce teachings of Islam as a religion of peace in public schools are banned (that includes the 5 pillars of Islam) and the only teachings permitted are facts about Radical Islam and the ways to stop it. Gorsuch stated our countries roots are: 

If you are Christian you are familiar with the Bible, or perhaps have heard of it.  While you can argue that various versions exist,  Nowhere in the Bible does it suggest the reader should kill people.  There is no correlation between The Bible and The Qu’ran of the Muslims. The Qu’ran contains 117 justifications for killing all people to advance Islam and that includes all Christians, Non-muslims, LBGT and children of same.  Their “holy” men are called Imams. Their Special Forces, jihadists become Caliphate in times of war to advance the “religion of peace”.  If Jihadists are Caliphate, they have been called to commit jihad and proclaim Allah Ahkbar when doing so.


Muslims are Satanists. Imams, their cult leaders, lead the satanic rituals as well as provide indoctrination to all children. Imams and muslim men use 9 year old “Chia boys” for anal rape and oral sex freely.  They also perform the weddings of 9 year olds to muslim men, and are the judge and jury to send women to be stoned to death for “transgressions” such as walking in public without  man, have limbs/fingers cut off-you can read more in J.K Sheindlin’s book, The People vs. Muhammed.

The Imam in this vido explains why Female Genital Mutilation is necessary in the Muslim faith.


The Muslim Invasion was a two headed snake. Obama was the direct source of the Islamation by muslim refugees as an eventual  sectarian control. The Obama’s and their complicit conspirators covertly and overtly designed policies to eventually kill us legally, financially, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Religions worship Deities (Gods of Benevolence).

Cults revere Evil worship (Satan,Devil,Astral) as well as Ideologies.

The best friend of Muhammad and Islam is Ignorance.

We are awakened to the Islamic Cult called the Muslim “Religion of Peace”.

Freedom of religion is not justification for Satanic worship, justification for all things Evil.

ACTIVATE: Understand the lie of all Muslims and the moderate Muslim is called Taquiya.  All Muslims want infidels driven out or dead.  This is our country and we are taking it back.

No Sanctuary Cities

No Mosques


No Islam in schools

No Shariah Law




Contributing Sources

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J.K.Sheindlein’s   The People vs. Muhammed– Released May 2017 Book debunking the closely held beliefs  Jihadist Muslims such as they will receive 72 virgins upon their death, they don’t ride flying donkeys in heaven, and its falsely held belief killing dogs who they were told are unclean” is just.  There is no price paid for eating bacon which purportedly  cast them into eternal fire and brimstone. Also, it explains  how the leader of their “religion of peace” Muhammed, was a rapist, pedophile and tortured his victims for entertainment. Human sacrifice is not justified nor is bestiality.  The common practice for muslim men to marry 9 year old girls (and other pedophile acts), justifying honor killings of their family as well as Female Genital Mutilation are heinous crimes, not the right of male muslims.  Although the muslim race is 500 generations of inbred peoples, it is hoped this book can open the door to change,  releasing future generations.

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muslim black stone


Brigitte Gabriel and ACT

May 10, 2017


“Non-Violent” Islam: Half of Prominent Jihadis

From IPT News:

Half of the prominent jihadists profiled in a new study by The Centre on Religion & Geopolitics had ties to supposedly non-violent Islamists prior to joining terrorist organizations.

The study’s authors – Mubaraz Ahmed, Milo Comerford, and Emman El-Badawy – explore pathways to militancy among 100 prominent figures within the wider Salafi-Jihadi movement. The individuals examined derive from the Middle East and Africa, across multiple generations. Some of the findings suggest that membership or ties to non-violent Islamist organizations can be associated with an individual’s trajectory towards violence and terrorism.

51 percent of the terrorists under study were previously connected to Islamist groups that claim to be non-violent, including “bodies that are not necessarily political activist organizations but form a functioning arm of existing Islamist groups, such as youth wings, student associations, and other societies.” Since membership in Islamist groups is often secretive and sometimes prohibited in various Middle Eastern countries, the authors acknowledge that the proportion of jihadists with Islamist affiliations are likely higher.

Some of the case studies explored in the report include Djamel Zitouni, the leader of the Armed Islamic Group who was previously a member of an Islamist organization that supposedly eschewed violence – the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS). Senior Al-Qaeda leaders, including Abdullah Azzam and Abu Ayyub al-Masri, were involved with or direct members of the Muslim Brotherhood before turning to violent jihad.

One in four of the jihadists examined had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood or its affiliated groups.

Another interesting finding shows that 65 percent of the sample had been imprisoned at some point throughout their lives, some of whom served time before engaging in violent jihad. There has been growing concern for years about Islamist radicalization of potential terrorist recruits in prisons worldwide.

The study shows that personal networks are critical in the formation and development of the global Salafi-jihadi movement.

“Our data links the leaders of Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS today to the forefathers of the movement through people they met in prison, at university, and on the battlefield,” write the authors.

Purportedly non-violent Islamist groups not only serve as potential incubators for radicalization and violence – they also continue to engage in violent incitement, encouraging others to carry out terrorist attacks.

For example, on Wednesday, a senior Muslim Brotherhood member, ‘Izz Al-Din Dwedar, called for an “intifada” targeting Egyptian embassies around the world, in a Facebook post translatedby The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

In protest of death sentences handed to members of the Brotherhood in Egypt, Dwedar suggested for violent action on May 3.

Egyptians abroad should “protest [outside] Egyptian embassies and lay siege to them, and steadily escalate [their actions], up to and including raiding the embassies in some countries, disrupting their work and occupying them if possible, in order to raises awareness to our cause,” wrote Dwedar.

Published at: Investigative Project on Terrorism

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REfugee _002



Dr. Humphries has written one of the best books (Dissolving Illusions) out there documenting the historical framework of why vaccines have been an overhyped miserable failure. The book is loaded with hundreds of references, many of which document the vaccine failures.

The toxicity of aluminum—found in a number of common childhood and adult vaccines—may even exceed the toxicity of mercury in the human body.

“Even if vaccines can prevent some infections, considering what’s in them, there’s no way they can improve overall health,” Dr. Humphries says. “And now they want to give vaccines to pregnant women, which in addition to these animal cells and associated genetic material also have aluminum in them.”

Aluminum Is Toxic to All Life Forms

Judicial Watch: state-dept-redacts-big-chunks-22-8-mil-contract-resettle-muslim-refugees