Big Stick Diplomacy; Trump’s 2017 World Peace Tour.SIOI.JPP13

JPP13 Big Stick Diplomacy; Trump’s World Peace Tour

Unbelievable. Never thought I’d see it in my lifetime.  Never bought a copy ever ‘til yesterday, an infamous day in journalism.  Yesterday in grocery stores everywhere, THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER distributed an Enquirer World Exclusive TRUMPS PLAN TO SAVE THE WORLD. Real News…..Bam!


President Trump promises he will eradicate terrorism, but he isn’t going to solve the world’s problems. He will help the world solve their own problems in their regions:

Roll those presses and we deeply thank the NATIONAL ENQUIRER for PROGRESSING OUR NATION! They have obtained a copy of this plan, and our hope is the nations involved in advance of these monumental meetings will go “adulting” early on. Don’t waste our President’s time whining about how you messed up and you need the US to bail you out, because that isn’t happening.  The wisest among them, and hopefully all of them will not only also be working their own plans, but will call on the US to solidify priorities on their own agenda’s and perhaps exchange ideas for swift justice.

Plan your Work and Work your Plan.

National Enquirer, we commend your report on Project OLIVE BRANCH for respecting our intelligence, please don’t stop here! Trumps 5 Nation Tour to deliver Peace includes the three major religion  seats kicks off later this month.

Trump is taking his World Peace Plan on the road, and that in itself is refreshing and novel.  Gone are the days of get nothing done Summits? We can only hope.  His active role is also our call to action. This is going to be an action packed tour.  I say ditch the press plane, they can stay at home and watch from the sidelines as they report on more meaningless snowflake activity, highlight more fake news and stir a pot with nothing in it.

ACTIVATE:  Americans everywhere, TWEET POTUS today, take the National Enquirer with you. Hey works for me, they report real news in a way that is meaningful ,let’s reward this! Ditch the press plane!

We absolutely know 45 established a Think Tank Camp for the massive revolution we need to change the world and pull Freedom back from the cliff of extinction.  One such Camp led by Jared Kushner, Project Olive Branch is another feather in this Patriot’s Cap!

Congress, do your job we elected you to do, Stop Insulting our Intelligence. Until Congress can take a course in Oathkeeping, Trump is losing no ground in his quest for World Peace.

Richard Nixon had a similar 1970’s approach to World Peace until he was framed, derailed and crucified by Globalists and complicit Deep State Congressional leaders in a political avalanche. Nixon’s pro American Citizen policies and capitalism programs to put power in the people’s hands were giving too much hope to the American people. Nixon’s policies were slowing Globalists from realizing their Satanic One World Order/New World Order plan which was scheduled to come online fully during the Clinton Administration, but had to be reset for a later time (hence Agenda 21, that’s 2021). Lest us not forget, had Reagan not come along on the heels of the failed Clinton Administration, Americans would have already had Agenda 21 foisted upon them, it would have been completely in place compliments of the Muslim In Chief Obama.  You and I would not be here.

Globalists foment chaos at every turn; it suites their agenda of distraction, death and turmoil.   Trump has a self-professed admiration of Nixon, for it was a supportive letter from President Richard Nixon that kept Trumps Presidential run in his gunsights all these decades, as Nixon said “Whenever you decide to run for office, you will be a winner!” Nixon wrote, according to the New York Times.

Trump’s Plan to Save the World is brilliant and will work, here are the highlights:


Trump is placing accountability for borders and citizen protection squarely in the laps of our Allies.  All countries have borders and have the right to protect and defend those borders and the laws within them.  A special note, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel refused to fulfill Germany’s NATO monetary commitment this week. This was the biggest slap in the face to all tax paying German Citizens, as her edict says “Germany will continue to welcome lawless immigrants at the expense of German’s freedoms”.


A World Power with massive Third World internal issues. They have their own Dark Swamp to Drain, Putin is the man to do it, and if he isn’t, Russia will collapse under it’s own weight.

Trump and Putin vowed this week to globally fight for human rights and against  the pedophile crime of the Worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network. 8 million children missing annually attributed to this Network which is estimated to be a $99 Billion dollar industry.  Not only does this include passing laws to protect children, but enforcement of those laws. In the US, our own Wounded Warriors passed the 3,000 arrests mark on May 17, 2017 by indictment of pedophiles in the Network.


If you don’t understand Obama/Clinton sold virtually all our seaports to China to undermine our ability to control and profit from trade , then you have been living under a rock.  Trump has taken unprecedented steps with China, we need to lay groundwork here that can cement our futures in a mutually beneficial way, as China is facing it’s own possible internal coup over food shortages expected to surface this year.



Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars has been systematically financially decimated by Democratic Congressional fans of Deep State, starting with the Clinton Administration.  A tour of Reagan’s Library in California is well worth the trip, and an excellent place to really understand the peace keeping mission and Big Stick Diplomacy of Star Wars,  a technological missile defense space shield. Big Stick Diplomacy, a U.S. Presidential ideology implemented by Teddy Roosevelt, faced many of the same challenges today that Trump does, and his warfare on the hellholes enslaving adults and children of a newly industrialized nation is similar to our fight today of the sex slave/pedophile trade. Trump is using our defense budget to restart these space engines.


Judeo-Christian Israel and Islamated Palestine will need to work towards peace. Muslims are called to hate all non-muslims and consider them infidels; therefore, to tolerate one another, Muslims would have to change their Quran based 109 justifications for torturing, killing, and murdering infidels. I propose we airdrop 5 million copies of J.K.Sheindlin’s The People vs. Muhammed into Muslim airspace in this region. This book debunks the closely held beliefs of the pedophile prophet Muhammed followed by Muslims, who are born into the Satanic worshipping cult that is Islam. Perhaps if 500 inbred generations of Islamic people gets word they won’t fly around on donkeys or get 72 virgins in their afterlife, we can sell more bacon and copies of Green Eggs and Ham.


We have all known that insolent child who desperately needs to be acknowledged as legitimate and relevant, which would also actually mirror a large portion of the anarchist snowflakes who refuse to go “adulting”. Trump’s plan neutralizes this threat. Parents all over the world who have kept their children from character building scar tissue should as well. Peace starts at home.


Savagery has been emboldened by complicity everywhere.  You are either with us or against us, the Trump Train is leaving the station of ‘speaking softly” and the clear and present danger facing the U.S. is many faceted, and will get “the big stick”.   Where’s the problem? The Jesuit Pope is promoting Islam, Central Bank is taking steps to take and control our money helped by complicit Congress obstructing Dodd Frank, the Volcker Rule, etc. Deep State is obstructing justice in every court in America, Dark Shadow Government is Chemtrailing/Chemclouding us in to zombification, Big Pharma is still adding aluminum to vaccines, Radical Islam wants to kill us, our own citizens want to banish and thwart our 2nd amendment rights. For our young children Common Core schools (CORE is founded by The Muslim Brotherhood) exploits early brain development of our children.  Terrorism is global and right in our own backyards continually 365/24/7. If you want to have an America, Americans must ACTIVATE.



Human trafficking for organ donation, snuff films, sex slaves and satanic ritual, starvation and torture is rampant everywhere.  Muslim immigrants have committed more rapes in Germany in 2 years, then they have had since they started recording rape in their justice dockets in the 50’s.  France’s Macron announced last week all Fake Science Climate Change propagators are welcome there now, but what they do is a direct violation of the Nuremberg Code to end human experimentation, specifically chemtrail and their support of UN activities which include human trafficking and exploitation.

Rodrigo Duterte is cut from the same Crazy like a Fox cloth Trump is, politically speaking.  Philippines’ President stated “Kill me If I don’t resolve crimes in 6 months” during his campaign. The heinous crimes of pedophile, gang crime, torture, rape and drugs and massive government corruption have been in part severely cut by Philippine citizen whistleblowing. They are still a dictatorship, and don’t have to deal with a sophomoric ignorance and worse, evil, criminal Democrats.  They have a long way to go, but they are on track to get their country back.

And so are we.

We Rise.



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Based on The National Enquirer World Exclusive  May 22, 2017 “Trump’s Plan to Save The World”.