Logan Act opens door to recall of American Liberal Globalists. SIOI. JPP19

Liberal Mayors and Governors signing their own climate change agreement are committing a felony by violating the Logan Act, if it becomes enacted.

If you follow the Bible, the Pale Horse of the Apocalypse is the Green Movement also called Sustainability. I’m a mom, I love recycling and doing right by the environment.  Everyone I know is on the same side of this equation, we all strive for reasonable sustainability. The Green Movement and Dr. Jill Stein are radicals with no view for the big picture except for Agenda 2030.

The difference is Conservatives understand China is 25-35 years behind us in pollution standards, and badly requires regulation. Conservatives know  the Accord was simply a misnamed tool designed by banksters and the UN to displace American jobs to underdeveloped nations and make citizens welfare dependent.  Fools believed the Accord was for climate preservation, but it’s inherent chemtrailing (weatherization) standards and other unsustainable practices just lead to depopulation.  The Accord has been exposed for what it was, an Agenda 2030 lie.


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This is the money Obama committed thus far, with the others committing and paying nothing, and liberals call this a good deal. Agenda 2030 looks to reduce the world’s 7 billion people to a half a billion by slow death using vax, chemtrail and creating malaise on the downward spiral to keep Big Pharma happy and drain us of our resources.  Allowing illegals to pour in and kill us off, giving favor to refugees (USA spends $6B monthly on muslim welfare, see JPP12).

Yes! you can tell the fool, if there are 6.5 billion less people on the planet, carbon emissions will be cut to almost 0 (The Greenie nirvana emissions #)! Why? Because noone will be breathing, we will all be dead.  Ok, Greenie, you first.

If a fool chooses to believe radical Greenies, or has been indoctrinated to call you a Right Wing Conspirator or Right Wing Conspiracy Theorist,  you can inform them their Truthphobia is simply a manifestation of their indoctrination they accept despite overwhelming evidence of the truth. Or you can say, with empathy, you understand they suffer from  low intellect and by the time they figure it out, it will be too late.

As Ronald Reagan said, “Liberals aren’t ignorant, they know so much of what isn’t so.”

We the People recognize the Agenda 21, now Agenda 2030 is an erasure of the Middle Class to form a very poor society who will be forced to worship the very rich.  But I will not have my intelligence insulted by felonious radical mayors and governors who want to limit my neighbors’ and my right to enjoy power to light and heat my home, and my right as a tax paying American.

trojan horse

Ultimately, these Accord promoting officials are committing an act of treason by supporting climate change in a non-federally sanctified agreement which is a Trojan horse designed to end Middle America,  while lining their own pockets, and it ends here and now.

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We know the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act have been separated from the EPA and will remain intact in years to come. These Acts will still require industrial smokestack scrubbers, clean water industrial filters, etc, and have since the 80’s.  We already see  Trump’s Clean Power Act (May 2017)  will have reasonable high standards established to balance our need for energy independence and sustained Clean Air and Water as the Petro based dollar will be phased out.  We are heading for a financial reset as Trump reduces our dependency on foreign oil, making our pipelines safe with strong American Steel and installed by US contractors.

For the last 20 years, many oil ventures used subgrade China supplied steel and non-US contractors. Indigenous people have declared their allegiance to the UN Feb 2017. When the indigenous democrats, who are enslaved Obama worshiping fools took a stand  at the DAPL, they weren’t even within their rights as the pipeline did not cross native lands. The DAPL was 2 miles north of their reservation.  The DAPL had never leaked except for possible vandalism to make the case against it.

The BIA, BIE receives $1.8 billion annually in fed funds.  American citizens receive about $12,500 per student for education, Indians receive $20,500 per student. They were given $43m in 2015 for a new water generation plant in SD to be placed 70 miles from DAPL to ensure their clean water from another water source.  They scream corruption, but they themselves have within their indigenous administration the most massive corruption. And they pledged their allegiance to the UN.  If 2.7 million people can’t make it on $1.8 billion in US taxpayer dollars, not withstanding casino profits, then maybe they need to  get some new accountants. Alaskan Indigenous receive an additional stipend of $10,000/year from oil profits.

The Middle East will no longer have a stranglehold on us and our ability to conduct our normal American business.  This is the message Trump delivered to them on his World Peace Tour in May 2017.  We want to maintain amicable relations, but we are phasing out our dependence on them, a very wise move. Did you know Clinton and Obama sold all our deep water ports? Right now, when we take in imports of any type (from stuffed animals to foreign oil), we receive virtually no tariff money; we don’t own the ports of our country, because of Demoncrat Globalists.

No other country sells their ports.  We were sold out and it cost us billions.

Did you know Obama’s EPA used covert means to put one of our largest refineries in Texas out of business in 2016(owned by Americans) to then virtually hand it to Saudi Arabia who bought it for fire sale prices?  Saudis are now reaping the profits of refining American oil, then selling it to us, or not.  It would be their right to now take all the American oil they are refining and send it to other countries(at no tariff for export because they own the shipping port) , or sell us our own oil for a profit, and even hold it hostage.

The lying mainstream media and left wing conspirators are colluding to steal your rights.

You are going to have to fight for your rights. Use the violation of this Logan Act to do it!

logan act

1.Here is how to recall a felonious Mayor violating the Logan Act:



2. To recall/impeach a felonious Governor who has signed the agreement and violated

the Logan Act, Contact your Secretary of State, search impeach/recall.*

  1. There are many petition sites, but beware. Change.org and many other petition sites are merely extensions of main stream media and controlled by the same 5 companies, or ancillary companies. Therefore, it is likely they will not record your signatures. The following company is a vetted petition site:


  1. Below is supporting data of what the future holds for  those who sleep and fail to covfefe. This is why you need to act to protect your rights as citizen to access public utilities including all forms of power, gas and water :


  1. In every state that has signed this agreement, local and state lawmakers have also passed legislation allowing police to arrest and indict you by the following charges related to domestic terrorism. They did this when you were “sleeping”:

-They have limited your right to store/use water

-They have forced smart meters into your homes which cause cancer (a soft eugenics-depopulation- program that kills people slowly and harms all citizens)

-They have limited your right to grow food if you have been accepted into municipal  xeriscape programs

-They limit household water use to water outdoor gardens when no drought conditions exist

-They have allowed 5G towers and radiation producing towers (which causes cancer)

-They have banned generators, solar power and hydropower. They have promoted dirty electricity standards

-They have forced the public into LED lighting everywhere, which causes cancer

-These same places have tried to limit 2nd Amendment rights by removing civil immunity from homeowners who shoot perps who have broke into their homes.

-Made you a sanctuary city, state, county, town, etc.

-Blocking your right to school vouchers so you are forced into school mandatory vaccines and Common Core curriculum designed to dumb down and zombify our children.

6. The Vatican takes in 170 Trillion dollars annually (look it up buttercup). It pays no taxes and it’s Jesuit Pope and  leadership claims it makes no money, and has a yearly loss. The Pope was a major force in the adoption of the Accord.

trojan horse_002


You are Giants. You were sleeping Giants, now you are awakened Giants. Go Gianting!


A word about 2nd amendment rights, the “Orange factor” and the Accord.

Pardon the regression, but this is important and I will show you how it is related to the Accord.

The Orange Factor(End Gun Violence) as a liberal movement is nothing more than a very nice way to disarm the public who believe if good guys (law abiding citizens) don’t have guns, then bad guys won’t shoot you/rob you with their illegal arms.

The facts of statistics prove this assertion to be a farce of herculean proportions.

The 2nd Amendment makes all other amendments possible. This is why it was placed 2nd behind the First Amendment of free Speech, expression, assembly and petition.

More people are killed by cars then with guns annually. Therefore, anyone believing the lie guns are dangerous to the average citizen going about their daily business has been bamboozled.


Further, the next time someone tells you guns dangerous, then tell them over 3900 people die annually in drowning and boat related accidents, so we should ban boats and swimming pools, since they might cause an injury.


From 2005-2014, there were an average of 3,536 fatal unintentional drownings

(non-boating related) annually in the United States —

about ten deaths per day.1 An additional 332 people died each year from

drowning in boating-related incidents.2

As a side note, 2/3 of all gun deaths are self-inflicted suicide.  The majority of those deaths also involved OTC, .prescription, or illegal drugs.  Open border cities have the largest influx of Opiods and prescription drug abuse. Look it up for your city.

Lastly, the only places where gun violence is up the last 2 years are, guess where, the same places with laws to make it next to impossible to use guns, and penalizing law abiding citizens from civil immunity because criminals know they can get away with proverbial murder. Check the stats of your county, city town via the DOJ numbers, and not mainstream media, because MSM has hidden this information from the public.  Open border big cities including New Orleans, LA, Chicago, Seattle, New York, Miami HAVE ALL DOUBLED GUN CRIME SINCE 2015.

They all have liberal mayors.

They all have Open Borders.

They are soft on illegals and gun crime by criminals.

All these same mayors, governors have signed the climate change act, which further indicates to you how they are overtly undermining you.

Paris Accord lovers are Middle American haters.


ACTIVATE: Stop drugs and illegals (open borders), and you will end random gun violence.

ACTIVATE: Understand any attempt to disarm law abiding citizens or limit their civil immunity is a socialistic government moving you to One World Order.

You are awake. Go gianting! What outside forces and organized groups or religions in your life is indoctrinating you?

ACTIVATE: Where else is the Agenda 2030 being indoctrinated into your life?

girl scouts


Thank you for the regression, let’s continue.

Here is a very good explanation of how jobs were to be siphoned from the US to redistribute our wealth to other nations via the Paris Accord.  If Americans don’t have jobs(other than fast food/min.wage), they can’t support their families and would have to rely on welfare, which is how the former administration planned to implode our ability for Middle America to self-sustain. This is also a move towards called Universal Basic Income.


Where can I find captains to champion a petition and hopefully a recall?

Look in the mirror, there’s someone with everything that is necessary to begin. Take initiative to set up your petition. If you know a republican attorney, ask for help . A US wide service that writes legally plausible petitions is  http://www.ghostwriter-pro.com.  The fee varies, but when I used this service for a similar project, it cost about $2000.  They may also be able to steer you in the right direction legally, give them a shout.

  1.   You will need a local attorney or someone  that knows the law, a citizen action group trying to oust Globalists cannot go it alone, don’t even try, because you will be shot down. The Attorney General of your state is a good friend of your Governor/Mayor, no matter what they say.  Essentially, the Governor is their boss.  You can take in money on patron.com, Paypal has notoriously frozen accounts for this  type of activity/purpose. Square may be an option. If you violate tax laws, they can come after you.  Be smart, know what your options are in advance.


  2. Call churches, email, facebook post and post flyers anywhere you can to promote your petition. Attend festivals and anyplace people gather, even crash an Orange rally.

  3. Create a twitter handle #LoganActTraitor(and add their name). Post it on other conservative twitter feeds such as #MAGA,#JudyConservative, etc
  4. Contact your Republican National Committee or county Republican or Tea Party committee. See if they will help you by sending this out on a list server.

  5. Contact your local veterans hall. Post flyers at small businesses.
  6. Your governor, mayor can be recalled within 30 days after the signatures are collected. Start collecting now. They can only be recalled once they actually attempt to implement the agreement.

  7.  Contact unions.

It only takes 3 awake people to start a movement.   Be the Change you want to see in the world.

Go gianting!

We Rise.

*This may be difficult in California as Obama signed over the State of California to the UN on October 1, 2016.  Currently, the UN is running Sonoma County (wineries, farmland) and San Diego County (farmland, deep water ports).  Their Catholic Jesuit (Illuminati) Governor, Governor Jerry Brown goes along with everything the Pope( head of the sovereign nation of The Vatican) wants and has instructed the University of California to do the same.  In his quest to drive out hard working Californians, he eliminated Middle American from the scholarship program at state funded universities.  He signed the Sanctuary State bill to allow his state to be overrun by illegals, creating Chaos to over run civility.  Brown diverted over $60B in tax payer funds from infrastructure budget items to fund illegals in April 2017.


The only thing that can possibly save Cali is martial law.  Under Killery Clinton, the UN would have imposed Martial law to drive out and depopulate. However, it may now be used by Trump  to retake California.


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