True Red Patriot Toolkit to win for a Conservative America. JPP.22

I live in a state that may never be Red again, except for the hearts of the Patriots who haven’t been driven out by illegals, fake refugees and legislative corruption.  There are a core group of us pedaling fast to push back, and in the fight I’ve learned a few things.

All the normal thoughts of going postal, moving, taking up drinking, disseminating hemlock margaritas in bastions of socialism,defecting to the Philippines (Duerte is doing a helluva job driving out our CIA fomented terrorists there), and other versions of force and aversion, less or more. Alas, I am a rooted conservative and I will fight for liberty over tyranny, even for a liberal.

But, all is not lost.

Firstly, I have made modest donations to true other states conservative grassroots Senate Conservatives here:

Why?  By donating, even small amounts, to other authentic Conservative Congressional races, my RINO & ROTT (Republican In Name Only & Republican On The Take)  Socialism loving Obstructionists can be froze out by their own congressional peers.  This is but one downward pressure to squelch those who bleed blue.

Secondly, contact your local GOP. Let’s face reality as independent thinkers; there are a good number of states that only allow a two-party, Republicans and Demoncrats, Caucus, which means Conservative and Libertarian Independents are tossing their money into the wind as Conservatives. In our state (like many states) in our June elections, Demoncrats ran 1-2 other Demoncrats as “Independents”  on every ticket for every open office.  They cared not their chosen top ticket Demoncrat may lose, only that they were capturing “Independent” dissenting voters hearts down ticket to be sacrificed on the Demoncrat alter at a later date.

Thirdly, I promise you will be in good Conservative Company if you seek out your regional or state Oath Keepers Chapter, Don’t have one? Start one! Anyone can join forces with this well-organized bunch of Constitutionalists.  If the Tea Party had bunches of Earl and Lady Grays in every race, you would find these folks working alongside you in their campaign offices in the coming months.   This will also provide a forum for those in local offices to garner support for conservatism.

Lastly, engage your children to protect their minds from the liberal environments working hard full-time to make them sheeples. Open discussions with videos like this explaining how Utopia Socialism is a lie to lure and guilt them:( . This may be the only thing they see or read this school year that isn’t propagandizing Marxism as a peachy keen way of life .  You may be the only person they see each and every day that can teach them this fact.

A grain of truth can be found in the motto” If Liberals could reason, there would be no Liberals”.  If we allow liberalism creep because it has been normalized to us to tolerate and accept tenets for life that equal our eventual death, we run the risk of having a brain that can end up looking like this example:

lib brain


By ditching identity politics and embracing the truth of our reality, we can all win.