Why Trump Won’t Be Enough; Bet You A Million Relevant Dollars. SIOI.JPP23

Trump signed an Executive Order on 12/21/2017 ending loopholes for corruption of all types in government and the civilian world, did you here about it?  In case you were being distracted acting responsible in your work and personal life, let me clue you into the Cliff Notes.

He kicked ass and took names in this 7th Declaration of Marshal Law.

Trump even listed the names of corruption on The Annex (More Annex will follow) of the Executive Order for the whole world to see. But alas, you didn’t know we had 6 other Marshal Law declarations before this one, each issued in escalating relevancy to end Agenda 21? This Marshal Law is just one Christmastime Miracle among many. Did you hear about the other Gifts? What about the arrest of The Podesta Brothers for Pedogate on 12/27/2017?  Let me guess, Media Black Out and the holidays, right?


With this Executive Order, Trump has made us relevant. He hiked us the ball, we need to run with it. Our very lives and existence depend on it.

Here’s the short story:

AGENDA 2030/New World Order decided corrupting vaccines were going to be the way they hijacked our health, safety, and well being to depopulate us. Congress in 1988 enacted immunity for pharma and doctors to deliver poisons, while they later included the Administrative Government FDA to add poisons to vaccines by rating reports regarding poison on a 1-5 scale.  No true reports dilineating their nefarious plan were ever made pubic. Any truth leaks were rated as “irrelvant”. CDC made sure vaxx inserts were so confusing to read and kept the lid on the truth about vaccines from everyone, including doctors. Doctors and pharma were allowed to continue to look the other way by Congressal adoption of the “learned intermediary” doctrine. 

How we got here:

I knew about chemtrails (air vaccines/indirect bioterrorism) recently labeled “geoengineering” but didn’t  understand exactly how and why vaccines (indirect and direct injections, consensual bioterroism) are key to the depopulation of our planet, helping Big Pharma ride our demise and profit all the way down to our death.

But I am betting a million dollars you never knew Congress voted into law in 1986 broad liability protection to shield pharmaceutical manufacturers and caregivers (doctors and nurses) by implementing “learned intermediary” doctrine.  When the immunity law took effect in 1988, drug manufactures were off and running, bearing no liability for giving, or failing to give accurate or complete information to those vaccinated, and have only to provide relevant information to doctors, who must give patients CDC Vaccine Information Statements, if patients/guardians ask for them.   

So much for the”Do No Harm” Hippocratic Oath, the infamous doctor’s promise to make us well; the oath Joe and Jane Public thought God Doctors said to insure wellness as they entrusted their 2.5 children in Suburbia to them, hanging on their every word.  The oath “learned” doctors swear to as they are indoctrinated to be health intermediaries; trained to listen to patient’s description for patient’s ills can be met with the words “not relevant” ; in fact, the concept of a patient’s view  of relevancy in medical schools training is taught to be non-relevant, or irrelevant.

If a doctor intends to do no good, they will continue to follow the “learned intermediary” doctrine. When they do that, I proclaim their learned opinions irrelvant.

Now, it took a while longer after 1988 for the Globalists Clinton Cabal to prime the nefarious FDA to hijack the GRAS program (Generally Regarded As Safe)¹ to go along with the 1986 immunity doctrine, but they did.  Eventually, food and drug manufactures began to complicity include all forms of poison currently allowed in vaccines(2017) into GRAS program for food, drugs and cosmetics in the early 90’s.  I would make the relevant argument formaldehyde, glyphosate, mercury (thimerosol), bovine recombinant (cow STEM Cells), Human Stem Cells from abortions, phenol red, aluminum  bovine protein, egg protein, mouse protein,  phenoxyethanol, Polysorbate 80 and yeast protein, etc. are not good to inhale, eat, or drink. Or, be instantaneously, directly applied to the frontal lobe or any brain cortex when shot up with same through vaccination, but that’s just me.

M.D. are free to disagree, and may even claim my lack of a scientific degree makes my informed opinion irrelevant on this subject. Because they believe patient advocates are  irrelevant, and are relying on false reports of relevancy, non relevancy, I deem Medical Doctors non-relevant in the area of vaccines because they have Congressional immunity to create havo on humanity. Conversely, I assert Naturopaths and holistics are relevant. Holistics don’t take an oath of sanctity to the AMA which has chosen to complicitly “look the other way” despite evidence of crimes against humanity and especially unconsented experimentation on We The People in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code.

Now, over at the insidious CDC around 2002, some mid-level people with a brain and a conscience started becoming very uncomfortable with the entire GRAS schema, and began rattling some relevant cages, until Obama was elected. All those whistleblowers from ’02-’12 were forced into retirement after they were videotaped destroying, via shredder,  relevant scientific reports, to be sure the only data  published to Jane Public was “relevant, real science” deemed plausible by the CDC, the AMA, and others. Those whistleblowers are all dead now.  One of the most recent whistleblowers even testified to the entire Congress in 2013. Less than 10 warm bodies of the entire Congress stopped by to hear the testimony.  Can’t be against what you don’t know about, or pretend to not know about.

The administrative alphabet agency is not relevant to our health, safety, and welfare, and therefore, unworthy of our tax dollars.

And be it far from them, any incumbent Congressional person today has yet to support relevant bills in this Era of Trump to end poison of the populace via vaccination.  A quick look just now revealed one bill** with a success rate valued at a whopping 5% enactment valuation with no co-sponsors indicates to me our incumbents won’t give Trump one bit of help. And if they aren’t with him, they are against him, and ultimately against us.

On the issue of human health and vaccine bioterrorism, I name Congress irrelevant.

All this time, I had been as indoctrinated by “the Learned “to believe my opinion is simply an irrelevant thought, paling in comparison to their Learned Intermediary status.

But with a New Year comes Resolution, and that’s where we can call one another to arms.  This is a game of relevancy. The ball to end vaccine corruption has been hiked to us by Trump, it’s up to us to make it relevant, to make a play for the future. It’s all coming down to the lowest common denominator, relevancy.

For starters, we need to understand:

– the malaise (autism, Alzheimer’s,adhd,paralysis, weakness,brain fog, SIDS,memory loss, auto-immune illnesses, anemia, organ dysfunction, host of illness involving inflammation, etc.) being foisted upon us via vaccine (direct/indirect) exists to make us minions (non- thinking followers) and/or hasten our demise;

-complicit doctors can continue to poison us despite Trumps EO to end corruption because Congress needs to remove their immunity to accountability and we can see that is not happening right now;

-only we can save brains our infants are blessed with by just saying no to vaccines, all vaccines, because there is no good in them right now and may never be, just read the vaxx label(not the insert) to see how hijacked they are.

-get educated on vaccines and train yourself to recognize vaccine injury symptoms at NaturalNews.com, NVIC.org or Dr. Mercola.com.

Become a relevant Evangelist for change, here are a few ideas:

Start a conversation in a line or with friends:

“Did you know your doctor can order aluminum free vaccines for your child?”

“Did you hear the flu shot is only 10% effective and contains mercury, which is linked to Alzheimer’s and Autism?”

“I read Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round Up by Monsanto, is an endocrine inhibitor* designed to destroy boys’ ability to produce testosterone and causes Erectile dysfunction in grown men. It is most potent in vaxx, but also has the same detrimental ability when eaten (especially in GMO food)”

“If it is true that 25% of high schoolers identify as gay, and they have been vaccinated, then how many grown men will be able to have families and how will that affect future generations of families?”

Vaccines are a $23B industry. Do you think they will give up easily?

At your coffee group, church or anywhere people gather, bring up this subject. Be relevant.


My child’s school requires vaxx. Get the vaxx exemption form from local health and human services.  Good everywhere, except California.

My pediatrician is forcing me to vaxx my infant at the hospital. Don’t walk, RUN AWAY.  Nowhere is there any federal mandates for infants to be vaccinated (except California).  This is a most critical time! Just look at them squarely in the eye and say, “we aren’t doing that today” is all any parent needs to say.

My child was fine and now they are a changed person after vaccines.  Go to NVIC.org for these and all the best answers. Find out about the Vaccine Injury Fund.

Are holistic vaccines safe? Yes! If you have to vaxx, your employer or administrative body/school should except a vaxx certificate of a holistic vaxx.  Insist on holistic vaxx. Check with a natureopathic doctor.

Are any vaccines safe? Read the labels, everyone can read the labels. Take a photograph of the label with your doctor in the background.  Tell them you need to check the ingredients for safety on the label and you are going to post the outcome of your research on your facebook with their photo.  If it’s really safe, then he should be thrilled you are photogrphing him/her with the vials containing the evidence.

My pediatrician says vaccines are safe and is making me feel bad/belittling/guilting/ me. Ask your pediatrician if they will sign an affidavit about how much bonus they receive from vaccines, and if they receive any bonus compensation for vaxx, from any pharmaceutical company. Ask them to sign a letter  they are verifying they are receiving no additional bonus for vaccinating children under the age of 2. Believe it or not, peds are getting $200 bonus per child for 1st hundred, 2nd 100 is$400(per child) and so forth.

Learn How To Identify Vaccine Reactions at NVIC.org.

Being resolute in this New Year may be difficult, but you are wise and strong becasue you know it’s all up to how relevant every day’s work must become.

Vaccines were something good along time ago that were hijacked by corruption in our Deep State Government. You will know a potential Rino/ROTT  when they deem vaxx mandate relevant or not. Conservatives in the know will fight for vaxx choice and reformation.

If anyone challenges your convictions about vaxx, direct them to these relevant websites and tell them we all deserve to make informed decisions and our children are relying on us to save their brains and their lives.  No amount of education funding or school programs, or teaching curriculums will matter if no one has a brain to learn with.

Tell any pro vaxxer to stop insulting your intelligence.  Until this corruption gets fixed, and ever accomplice can be held accountable, vaccines will remain a parentally consented chemical lobotomy.

It will remain so for the foreseeable future, despite Trump’s Executive Order on ending Corruption. Except for a few,  our complicit Congress is rushing to usher in Agenda 2030 (also called Sustainability by New World Order/United Nations). Vaccines (Indirect/Direct) are key to Agenda 2030.  Liberal terrorists fight hard on this subject, without vaxx mandate they cannot succeed. It’s relevance to Agenda 2030 is paramount.

Chemtrails (Geoengineering) by Deep State(Administrative Government) are NOT a Trump Program.

Trump is a start, but he is not enough. We can be enough! When he can get a relevant, meaningful CONSERVATIVE Congress in 2018, we will have slow change.  Until then, hold fast, and keep your pitchfork close. You have to be his million dollar bet, you are more than enough to make this change now.

Every person, every brain, every body, we are all relevant.


*Foodbabe.com  also reported in NaturalNews.com


1 GRAS     Program instituted by FDA to simplify food labeling of benign everyday ingredients such as vinegar,  baking soda, etc. Got hijacked for evil by Big Findout more here: Pharma.https://www.fda.gov/Food/IngredientsPackagingLabeling/GRAS/





The Truth About Vaccines

The Mercury Project

Vaccine Safety Commission

Commission on Vaccine Safety



Dr. Mercola

Dr. Duke Tesla, you tube

govtrack.us (check who donates to your reps campaign)

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