Politically Homeless: Kings Among Men. JPP24

coloroflawland_005Dear Homeless Person,

When was the last time you read the Constitution?

Do you know why the federally mandated Common Core Curriculum dropped The Constitution from the K-12 education, in every school andeven homeschool, in 2010?

And, most importantly, why are the “new” religions referring to ManKind as “the human species” ; why is genderlessness/gender dysphoria so key to the Godless Agenda of Liberal Terrorists?

The lowest common denominator for the three questions above is this:

To understand your soulful birthrights as a citizen of Rule of Law, (Common Law) as set forth in the Constitution, you need to know all of ManKIND prospers and produces from an Abundance, the riches of the air, land, water and everything from a Creation  in which we are living to exercise our free will (thoughts leading to action).

Therefore, the Rule of Law, in other words “no harm, no foul” counts on manKIND to follow the Golden Rule, the rule of the soul.  EveryMAN is free to live and let live, these birthrights are yours as long as you’re Golden and  “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, which is also your responsibility. 

Free will, eat the Apple, or not eat The Apple.  To be, or not to be. BirthRights, and responsibility, they go hand in hand, say the Godful. Don’t beleive in God? The tenet of Rule of Law still says, “No harm, no foul”.  If you choose to be Godless as an assertion of your free will to be a citizen in a land of Seperation of Church and State , just don’t hurt anyone while you are being Godless. There can be peace.

Rule of Law is not God’s Law. However, Godful hearts believe God, the Abundant Creator, gave us the riches of the round earth and Blesses us when we produce goodness of any kind from them.  The Godless allege evolution exponentially grew from a Big Bang, from a single amoeba, all life began and gave us our present day flat Earth and It’s People. It is simpler to take or assume entitlement benefit with God out of the picture.

Garden of Eden, say the pink hatted Social Justice Warriors, are you kidding? There is no Eden, there was no perfect God Given Place from whence I came.  If there was a perfect place, my opinion is it would be called Utopia, a place I, me the man, well, now I am a gender dysphoric  IT, can make up anything I fit to see as my Truth . I say science (what I prove/disprove), evolution , the Big Bang created my World, not God.  In fact, I am Godless, because I dictate how, what, where, when and why! It’s all about me

To echo a democratic senator this week who wouldn’t stand or applaud at the SOTU to honor the African American parents of murder MS13 victims of Maryland high school students, “Cadet Bone Spurs won’t tell me when to stand”.  Really? No honoring victims’ families as a matter of course? Why would you allege your abhorrent display of your free will as a good choice?  If you aren’t supporting the victims of crime;therefore, you support, by not standing, the Perpetrators of needless killing and murder of two young women. The victimizers, Color the Law as gangmembers, men, claim they have rights’ they proclaim, based on their vested status, they are “in between” the Black and White of Rule of Law.  They are vested in their status of their gang’s rules, the grey area(Color) of Rule of Law.  When you honor your gang, be it MS13, who I observe honors Satan by their free will actions, then you are against me, and what I stand for.

Why doesn’t your Constitutionally dissenting soul “tell” you when to stand and honor? If your head is your will, says don’t honor by rising, and you freely do so, then you must be souless. And if you are souless, then you are Godless.  If you are Godless (whether or not you subscribe to a religion makes no difference), then you have no problem Coloring in the Law with your own opinion, your own dark Agenda, your will dictates it is all about you.

And your insitence on your opinion violates my Constitutional rights in my Rule of Law status!  Hey you, souless individual who took an oath to uphold the Constitution as the Supreme Law of The Land; your opinion of how the Rule of Law should be colored, what should be colored, where it should be colored, when it should be colored, and why makes no difference to me. Because I live by the Rule of Law, every other law is nothing but a codified opinion designed to control me, divide me from my self-produced wealth (taxation) from resources we all had to work with, our brains and our capacity to apply our blood, sweat and tears to build our fortune, or misfortune.

So if there is no God, then there can’t be a Satan either, since Biblically, Satan is the fallen Angel whom God cast away, the Souless One. So I guess the souless are, in every way, vested in souless homelessness status, now until such tim they also choose to activate their soul within themselves.  And that is their freewill choice. I beleive they have a freewill choice, even if they don’t, and must remain veste in their status of Aethism, Islam and any other Godless religion, or even their Godless Agendas they are calling ther truth as a political Sytem including Progressivism, Marxism, Socialism. I call the freewill choice to worship any personality, Allah, Muhammed, Mother Earth, Prophets, Unicorns,Georgia Guide Stones, John Smith cult worship.   ANY  other allegiance or vested status in any noun other than God, the Only Diety,  is worshipping a non-God, or a Cult.

Cults worship non-Gods.  God is the name of The One true Giver of All Life, The Creator.  If you beleive the role of religion is to intercede in your relationship building with God, you are free to beleive  you wouldn’t have already had this through prayer as a direct line to God 365/24/7.  I beleive you need no intercession.  If you are vested in your status as a religious person, then it is important for you to have vested your status, time and money in a membership. You subscribe to the rituals, ideals and other man made codes of this vesting. I wish you well.

I beleive the freewill choice to act as a soulful man indicates to the world I am a soulful  person, and align with God, the Creator of the abundance and riches that I may excercise to produce a good life for myself, a long as I do no harm to others.

Then, if I am vested in my Rule of Law status, I cling to every word of The Constitution, and live for it”at all hazards”, so I may continue to live by it.  I stand for Rule of Law and the rights of every other man taking up his responsibiites, as The Bill of Rights is for all manKIND who recognize rights and responsibilities go hand in hand.  Their kindness to themselves, their self-love exudes abundance, so they may love others and show them kindness.

Let’s follow this further. Say you, Social Justice Warrior/Congressman supporting MS13, proclaim there is no God or Satan. You, and your followers, claim you are soulful because the perpetrators were doled a social injustice? Say you, the social justice warrior for gang members, had less hope, less equality,less opportunity.  Less of anything, would that not be of their own ineptnitude not to recognize their own free will choice to embrace abundance, and therefore, live by their ability to Self Rule of Law? I disagree, and will never compromise or “agree to disagree” perpetrators of any kind had less chance, and ;therefore, less equality.  I will never excuse nor support their murderous deeds in their unawakened souls.  Their status is souless, and therefore, Godless. However, I am hopeful for them they can awaken their souls to evolve and be soulful. And at that time we can be at peace.

I war not against the souless, but for their future opportunity to have their own Rule of Law, and even perhaps a soulful one, to fulfill their destiny to be ManKind.

And I reject your labeling claims of adaptation to Multiculturism, 2030Agenda Tribalism, cries of rascism, and demands for lawless immigration, since we can see liberal open borders policy defiles the rights of those here to follow the Rule of Law.  Therefore, can we also conjecture the souless are more likely to be lawless, because they are Godless, in our land of Rule of Law?

I reject your claims, as I have embraced three branches of Government as set forth in the Constitution to be the ruling body of infractions against Rule of Law, but not Color of Law.

Executive, Legislative, Judicial.  These three branches of Government set forth in The Constitution exist in a system designed upon 700 years of tyranny prior to 1670. The Framers acknowledge, as enlightened individuals and ions of witnesses can attest  man’s corruption and ability to be corrupt is endless.  The Constitution has within it, checks and balances with the three branches. 

Congress (Legislative) unconstitutionally divested (gave away the power) of authority to Administrative Agencies (whose Secretary is appointed by the Executive Branch) in a violation of separation of powers. Anyone engaged is demoting our Bill of Rights (The first 10 Amendments)  by divesting authority to any Administrative Agency (which are wrongfully established with Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) powers (Unconsitutional)can receive a Notice of Liability and a trial can be held in a Common Law Court by a Grand Jury.

*Side note; This Common Law Process and Nullification right to enforce Rule of Law is exactly what the Convention of States wants to remove.  COS will remove your rights eventually. Since noone knows the Constitution, noone knows this either. Want term limits? Just file a Notice of Liability on the oath taking violator for violation of your rights, and they will step down, or be tried in a Common Law court, the Court of  the People, not an Administrative Court.  

Therefore, our Administrative Government was weaponized against us to serve the needs of legislators, and anyone else, besides the voters. We don’t vote for the The Alphabet Agencies who are the Administrative Government and who set up illegal courts to try you for pretend infractions and pretend laws outside of Common Law/Rule of Law. All Agency courts are false,illegal courts (Family Court, IRS Court, Traffic Court,EPA, FTC,FDA,DHS,etc).  These courts were all designed to give influence or favor to pretend lawmakers to levy fees (illegal taxes) and seperate you from your personal property-including money, and your rights-which are God Given.

Federal supremacy (Executive/Administrative Government, or Legislative) and judicial supremacy over the inalienable Rights of the People and the powers reserved to the States gives government your power, it’s unconstitutional. Any person crying protection of our Rule of Law is racist, supremist, or otherwise not our right, buyer of such message  beware! Such is a person arguing for enslavement(more taxes, more government, more entitlements,more laws,more benefits) of all types; this is not Rule of Law, it’s a shade(grey) of Rule of Law (Black and White), which is called Color of Law (a grey area).  Supremacy of any gray area, including man made law(grey area), is a blatant usurpment on our Rule of Law rights.

Any and all assaults on Rule of Law is unConstitutional.

But I’m a free man I say!

Are you enslaved to genuflect to federalism by over taxation, subjugation to indoctrination and rule by codes (man’s law, color of law codes)? Well then the answer is no,  you are not free to produce and enjoy the fruits of your labor; therefore, you are a  victim of  Man’s code, or Mandate (Laws made by man) which is Color of Law, the opposite of your freewill birthright, Rule of Law.

Living by the Truth is living by the Rule of Law.  The Truth is Black and White.

In fact, the entire premise of the Administrative Government (Shadow Government/Civil Service) and The Deep State Intelligence Cabal (Collection of Intelligence, weaponizing intelligence officers/courts against citizens including the CIA,FBI,Facebook,Google,CNN and other mainstream media distributing “intelligence”) with their main purpose being to poison the well permanently with the Kool-Aid they need us to drink is all Color of Law activities, and the oath takers within are affecting our Rule of Law freedoms.

Are all Men created Equal? Yes! However, the liberal terrorists want you to remain equally at the bottom of a dark barrel called Color of Law, with everyone else trapped in the squalor of misery associated with being forced to receive benefits, so you can be controlled.

No obedience to controllers, no benefit.  That’s where they want you.

Obedience is not patriotism! In fact, civil disobedience(standing for Rule of Law) is Patriotism in it’s highest form!

Color of Law doles out your freedom at the whim of men. Succumb to a mandated vaccine, and have the “freedom” to attend public school, a major indoctrination institution.  What parental education has there been about vaccines containing mind altering poison, endocrine disruptors ,chemical lobotomizing labeled as adjuvant, male and female mixed Stem Cells from aborted fetus, and heavy metal added to eat your brain starting at the frontal lobe cortex ? Oppose vaccine mandated (rise above oppression to improve your ability to think and reason by keeping all of your brain and facilities) and you get fired from your pediatrician, the school, and ostracized by a zombified society who are clueless to the public trust betrayal vaccines re, all for money and control.


The authentic “racist” are the supreme disrespectors of human freedom to exert their rights as Rule of Law and covertly forcing you to tyranny and oppression.  However, they use psychopathic manipulations such as the character disordered use of  projection. That’s right, train the minions to label freedom warriors as “Rascist” by teaching them projection, which is the age-old practice to call your enemy’s activity by what you yourself are doing, ignorantly or by informed consent.

This labeling of Black is White and White is Black leads to division of every kind going to the other empirical war plan, divide and conquer.

What is Rule of Law? Your free will rights are your birthright and also come with the responsibility to fight for them.  There is just one Rule set out by the Creator and that is your Law.

Sounds like the Bible, a God The Creator inspired book; all this talk of free will, the choice to do what is Right.  Oh wait, there is right and wrong?  Well, if you are a liberal minded non-Constitutionalist, then there are lots of gray area(Color of Law) and everything can be relative, so opinions can rule over logical truth. The opinionated can always have “their truth”. But the other side of that coin is so can another person;  there is no One Truth in the world of a liberal.

Say you, I don’t believe in the Bible, or God.  Then your tenet is ” No harm, no foul”.

Is the Good Book just a very large and complete collection of allegorical theologic stories to try and point us to The Golden Rule over and over? It may be, we won’t know if God exists until we meet our Maker, or not.  That is up to each and every one of us in our freewill that may subscribe to over 500 forms of the Holy Book, or Bible or join any of the 5,000 religions existing on The Planet.

Religions have taken on the job of explaining, contextualizing, indoctrinating, training, all for your tithing, and even physical protection.  I don’t disagree with tithing as a great concept when civilization was still mired in a feudal society where monarchies offered little protection to the people. Religion was implemented to train people to a moral compass. It had and has a purpose.

Following  a religion, or even a Secret Society, can also be another  form of enslavement; however, the need to belong to something bigger is met, and that person is gaining a benefit they perceive as necessary, so that works for them.

Personally, I have no problem with any of it as long as it all points to the Rule of Law.  My job on this planet is not to police anyone, school anyone or convince them of anything.  I can lead by example, and leave them to their choices as they are free to be their own actions and need to live with those consequences. They live in their world, I live in mine.  I am ruled by the law of The Golden Rule.

Has society become so amoral or simplistic, or fluoridated, they need to be told over and over and over how to live; all for a few shekels, called tithing. Is the benefit of such indoctrination the person will go to heaven or hell?  Don’t worry, you are already going there, or not! You are on a Karma train by your example and where you track, you depot.  It’s all on how you “train” yourself.  Are you tracking to the Golden Rule lifestyle, or another way of life?

Say you…..but, but I flew into this conversation on the right wing,(or the left wing) of the bird of righteousness. Say you,  because I rule my life by my opinions I have accepted as “my truth” ,or facts I have derived from my life experience, I am vested in my status and the indoctrinators I believe in.  Ok, be vested, be indoctrinated, have “your truth”, ignore the Constitution, call it toilet paper, label your rights with no responsibility as your rights, fine.

Be warned, your expectation of benefit/entitlement from my productivity, my good time management, my successes, my personal property, my right to follow Rule of Law and pursue my dreams, or living by my free will according to The Golden Rule to benefit you, will not happen, ever!  You are free to follow my good example, so you may also be free to enjoy your own success, achieve all you can, and do all the good you can.

Who are these indoctrinators you follow, are they about you living to your greatest potential for your benefit, or for their benefit? Why do they need to convince you of anything other than Rule of Law? Why are you vested in a status, because of your ego, because of melanin, religion, sex or lack of it, ? Because of your beliefs? Where did the beliefs come from? A grey area, some code, some ritual, a song,  a personality, a culture,  a book?

The most politically astute among us are quickly waking up to the fact there is no greater badge of honor than being politically homeless, or put in facebook jail!  The Rule of Law makes every man the king of his castle, (women are queens, children are learning to be either) so that they may then carry on The Rule of Law.

As long as the Golden Rule prevails,  you are a Constitutionally Abiding Citizen, not  Law Abiding Citizen.  Law abiding puts man’s defacto Color of Law above  dejuere Rule of Law.  If we are following God’s Law, The Golden Rule, then we need no other law but Rule of Law.  No harm, no foul.

The highest respect, and therefore love,  we can give  our fellow man is to state the One Truth.

To continue the liberal engineering of the subversion of the US Constitution and your Bill of Rights (Rule of Law) at every level, the Constitutional Truth must be denied, hidden, smote down,politically obliterated, labeled as hate speech and otherwise, erased. If you can’t erase it, then at all costs The Color of Law Proponent must somehow stop the Truth Warrior beating the drum for the Rule of Law.  Once the word gets out no man needs to depend on any other man for anything as long as they leave you to your own pursuit of your happiness, there will be Revolution of Truth.  May it not involve pitchforks, but so be it if it does.

Hey, saying people are kings or queens is racist! I’m not a man, or a woman, I don’t self identify, because I am just in a species.

Well, congratulations then on being nothing but a genome vessel whose DNA was altered by genetically modifying food, chemical lobotomization by vaccine, breathing in desiccated dried blood cells in geoengineering, or drinking fluoridated water that calcifies your glands.  You have just confirmed everything I have just stated.  Looks like you are destined to be ruled by man, who gets to Color The Law for you with all their trappings.

If I were you, I wouldn’t wait one more day to start living by The Rule of Law!  That rule by Man, the grey area called Color of Law, that abides by Man’s rule backed by pretend legislation, creating fees called taxes, being enforced by pretend Code Enforcement Officers isn’t working out to good for you, is it?

“All laws, rules and practices which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void”  Marbury v Madison, 5th US (2 Cranch) 137,180

Remember that bird you flew in on? On the right wing, left wing, that was of an Eagle in 1776, and the mighty Eagle flies alone. He lives and dies by his own instincts of thinking, and decisions turned to actions. The Contemporary Congressional flock of pigeons on the public square eating hand tossed garbage can go nowhere but in a big group.  Ever essen aflock of pigeons?  If a playful dog were to charge the gaggle, they would breifly flutter, then return to eating hand tossed garbage until the next perceived enemy comes along.

Voter Convenience labels, or “Parties” as it were, used to stand for a unified platform of how, what,where,why we believe the Constitution is the most important document on the planet. The Parties …… have devolved to flocks of variations of Godful and Godless opinions violating your Constitutional Rights.  Flocking birds leave their crap everywhere, all over everything, even their food. Even the Constitution.

You are what you eat.  Slake your thirst for freedom daily with The Constitution. You will be all you ever need to fly alone.

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