Resilient Cities, Just Say No. SIOI. JPP27

It’s no accident  the public roll out of Resilient Cities are being tied into False Flag events caused by  related shootings, weather manipulation, and geoengineered desiccation.

Stop insulting our intelligence, clearly the “Strong” branding was just one more thing hijacked as a media vehicle to bring together a community over a tragedy, drain the funds for victims; to then normalize a repackaged Agenda 21 as “Resilient” when in the truth, survival in a world of soft, non-lethal, and hard depopulation is the true meaning.

Where are the messages of thrive? It wasn’t too long ago the prosperity of America accompanying the marvel of our Endowed Liberties for Rule of Law Opportunity  was tied to our mindful productivity.  Instead of Life, Liberty, and Property, a replacement was slipped in; this inauthenticity, freedom chasing message Pursuit of happiness was placed in its stead.  Why replace property (tangible) with pursuit,in active hope, of opportunity?  A covert usurpation of the authenticity of liberty as a right and a property is complete when we are never taught our property rights, including the right to pursue happiness and our happiness is our property.

The Constitution premise for  mankind  living by Rule of Law, also known as the Golden Rule, has by claim, use and defense of his property, his rights.  Your Endowed liberties are yours at birth.  Liberties are property. No permissions are necessary, unless you voluntarily give your right to another to then have redistribution of your right back to you (often by fee) by some form of permission.

The tangled web of permissions, mandates, laws, codes and statutes are really in existence to force the permission process so the government can play middleman to your rights. When they fee this process of privileging back your ownership of your birthright, they often do so with connection to other rights by privileges.  The more you acquiesce by permitted privilege, the greater the value of assignment of your property to others.

The accidental liberal has been railroaded into accepting permissions with games of our youth such as “Mother May I?”, or Simon Says.  An adult version of that same game is a concealed carry permit, or a medical marijuana card, only it cost much more and it’s tied to lists made by a soulless government looking to usurp your right in every way possible. When you instruct the government by a permission to grant your right back to you via an agency, you then agree to link your own property, your right, to terms and conditions they set.

Worse yet, the fine people of our country have been duped into believing they have freedom, when in fact their authentic liberty has been hijacked by receiving such permissions and permits.  Once you complete the process by accepting such things, like  concealed carry permits by say a gun registry, or a background check, you have completed the process of fully denying your own self the 2nd Amendment endowed liberty.

Our Freedom Papers are under siege in an undeclared war on the people by  Constitutional Hypocrites such as school systems, militia police, some churches, secret societies, universities,  even lobbies such as the NRA.  If the 2 party system wasn’t controlling our every move , then “lobbies for our freedom” packing a house of people to be ushered into the theatres of political argument for our rights wouldn’t be necessary. These complicit “freedom racketeers”  indoctrinate us to accept the “A” rating of NRA as a “good guy”, an illusion necessary to mask  our factual Endowed Liberty by the Supremacy Clause of our right to keep and bare arms in Constitutional Carry.  Constitutional Carry has everything we need, because it puts forth our natural law property of our Endowed Liberty.

Resilient Cities, aka Prison Cities, rely heavily on people to accept endless permits and permissions.  Independent thinkers (imprisonment of mind) recognize their fingertips (imprisonment of identity), their thoughts (imprisonment of their creativity) , and their right (not claimed,used or defended) fail to exercise their property for their life and liberty ,they lose it since they didn’t apply another concept.  Your property is yours for your beneficial use, and the soulless government will manage you out of your benefit by restricting your use.  Use it, or Lose it then applies.   Prison cities are imprisonment of your rights, even if you live on a farm. Holding your water hostage, or your mineral rights creates an imprisonment of your rights/property.  Resilient food means resilient to your right to have the food you desire.  resilient water means your right to have access to safe water.

Rockefeller Foundation, a UN globalist, began publicly marketing Resilient Cities and biophilia in February 2018 the way they always sell us out; the package this time is agridiplomacy,  hydrodiplomacy, and life by permission in large scale stack ’em pack ’em, house downsizing by necessity of separating people from their property, mainly their money. The bow on the package is usurpation of your right to grow your own food, drink safe water, and enjoy prosperity after you pay outrageous insurance premiums and shoulder the rising cost of utilities which are already publicly subsidized, so you pay for them twice. With the biophilia will be even more permits to grow food, and even eat such food by “safety certifications”.  Food is God given, even cannabis is a food.  The appearance of food growth is really a conduit to food desert as the growers are taxed an thwarted in a maze of permits designed to impoversih them and use for controlling their productivity, which  would be their pursuit of happiness..

The pattern for introducing Resilient Cities as has been standardized for normalization in the bastions of liberalism; Cook County, Miami Dade, Broward, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, in fact it’s a Global Corporation. The same people who brought you Sustainability. PROMISE for federal school funding, a signed agreement by mayors, County Commissions, judges, and school boards to look the other way on crime for age 21 and under for school funding. This in turn rewards the culture who pushes the liberal K-12 agenda based on the “crime control is gun control” message.

Tying it to false flag events, such as the massacre of country music conservatives at the October 1st, 2017 Harvest 91 Festival Las Vegas, Nevada was a pilot program.  Resilient Cities hijacked VegasStrong  after depleting all the available disposable income, over $12million, out of the community to help victims, only to have less than $100,000.00 distributed back to the community for victims as of 4/30/2018.

State Attorney Generals are Chief Private Prison Officers, or CPPO’s of Resilient Cities Globalist Corporations, (stack’em and pack’em taxpayer subsidized lock-up housing), the ultimate corporate welfare scenario acceptably torturing to break the individual spirit, victimize by impoverishing their sustenance in the court system, and break up families.  A steady flow of inmates through overcriminalization supplied by Sheriff’s departments having removed deputy discretion to increase citations in yet another form of taxation without representation.

Energy poverty is another form of tyranny by Resilient Cities Corporation.  Force high density housing and smart meter housing to accept dirty electricity with surveillance and micro electrocution on the kill grid.  Humans won’t be able to stand up with ensuing tissue damage, they’ll be zombified from low energy and non lethal assault on their tissue mass, go to bed little children.

Transportation poverty with scant parking at sky high pricing and allow illegal immigration to raise car insurance rates to affordability, another form of taxation without representation, driving freedom is tyrannized.  Big Pharma runs the happiness and pain control lab, Big Ag the fake sustenance, and Big Ego enjoining all the actors  on the stage in the production “Good vs. Evil”.  It’s merely a colloquial coincidence the word God is incorporated in Good and vile comes from the derangement that is Evil.

Resilient Cities are Enslavement Complex by impounding our rights and property, and general welfare. Genuflection by taxation schema, permission dogma and worship of political actors in the theatre of Government playing in a variety of scenarios with kill grids, vaccines (aerosol and injectable)  and planetary depletion of oxygen, ozone, water  and  therefore life by Administrative Tyranny in all forms.  The Enslavement Complex tag line could be “Thriving prevention brought to you daily”.  

Just say no to every official who has brought you Resilient Cities, which would be every party politician. Better yet, send them this article and ask them to comment on their social media. Get to know and understand the messages of what Independents, even non-partisan philosophies for Independence  truly pledge to do. Do yourself   and send them $10 bucks.  Maybe even read the Constitution, your ticket to freedom.