Toxic Skies Tyranny: falsely labeled “pollution” fuels narrative for Resilient Cities schema to end car ownership, and freedom. SIOI. JPP 28.

Chemtrails began as mass human experimentation in 1944.   In an earlier 2017 JPP article Dr. Joseph Mangele experimented in closed “gas chambers”with Bayer chemicals victimizing by localized aerosol inhalant many of the same chemicals used in dispersing chemtrail virus, particulate and even solar blocking “Solar radiation management(SAI)” today.  This  same “management” is managing us right of breathable air depleting  ozone,  as we are zombified into asking for chemtrail as a “protective measure”. The State Department have continued until today with a deadly boldness using unconsented human experimentation by a corrupt government who knows no bounds.

Stop insulting our intelligence.  The sun is not closer or hotter or brighter. We are being managed out of daylight warmth to ruin crop planting cycles, lower intake of Vitamin D and

In fact, taxpayers funding their own demise for along time through the payment of taxes to a government using us as fodder for the industrial complex and deep pockets of corporate welfare.  Chemtrail escalation is the  covert vehicle for hefty profiteering by Big Ag and Big Pharma by corporate welfare.

While it’s true purpose for depopulation and decimation of God’s Creation (mass dessication, aluminizing, droughting out, ruination of farmable land,etc) has been masked in a web of lies, we can hope this USAF/CIA(3rd party operators such a Evergreen Air) joint effort will end now that CIA is truly 100% managed by DHS with a new Acting Chief Gina Haspel, former clandestine services officer. She is proceeded by Muslim Wahibbist Brennan, who has currently taken on a directive  roll at CERN with the supercomputing quantum project.  But  will it have been soon enough? In 2016, CIA Director Brennan makes the disturbing remark chemtrails, being called SAI, purportedly to “protect us from the Sun” program could easily hit $10B.   So with our National coffers bleeding money and the wallets of Americans drained on aerosol and injectable vaccine manufactured malaise benefitting Corporate Welfare by defacto glass prisons of the mind Alzheimers, Autism and their Billions Big healthcare/education; glass prisons of the soul churches; and encapsulations of freedoms by defacto nefarious acts thwarting Joe Public’s ability to work at a trade by occupational licensing for , can we survive and eventually thrive?

Our own government,USDA, owns the patent on GMO food, tied to depopulation. GMO food is expertly designed to uptake aluminum, the same nano agent used in chemtrail.  Last year, naively believing the Farm Bureau may help, I contacted their head of counsel. The smack down came in the form  curt reply, “persisting contrails are merely pollution”.  We have a right to thrive, do we not? Then stand up and tell them we do not consent!

For deniers of chemtrail’s role in the unconsented spraying of  citizens, we need look no farther then the 1967 CIA invention of Conspiracy Theory to use social and political vilification to control the minds of the masses to kill narrative psy op truth and foster  Conspiracy Theories labels to invite dismissive disdain.  To see why we have been denied our Endowed Liberties per the Constitution and the Nuremberg Code; even today, we are indoctrinated to accept such spraying  for our health.

But another reason we will be driven into the cities from the peaceful suburbs is the dire need for Globalists to create Resilient Cities by Cloward Piven economics.  When every agency is stretched to the gills, the system breaks down and people snap.  Urban living is steals liberty and individuality.  Snatching every modicum of control of our property (money) from our lives. By impoverishing us with rising unaffordable insurance, taxation by fines, SMOG testing on brand new cars, highway robbery per the DMV and now congestion taxation,  we are being fined out of our freedoms faster then you can say  fee based incremental impoverishment.

By disarming our position of property rights with “sustainability”, the government drives people from their wealth as they fail to exercise continued beneficial use of such.  Use’ em or lose’ em when it comes to property rights.  With the people physically are out of the way, and perhaps even by taking their life early, the United States Corporation Government profits, they are our Domestic Enemy #1.

Chemtrails are Congressional funded directives carried out by the CIA/USAF. “Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abregate them” .  Miranda vs Arizona 384 US 436 p 491  In this case our rights to life, right to liberty, and right to property (life, money,welfare,health) are all in jeopardy.  This undeclared and abregation can only end when We The People stop standing for it.  Quit “under standing, complacency will be your demise.

Talk of Toxic Skies was shut down when Obama became president, here’s an article pre-Obama.  Chemtrails are just one nefarious agent of the undeclared war on the people which by our taxpayer fed State Department and their progressive public perception campaign  via indoctrination universities,, including disseminating the lie ozone is” bad”, when ozone is life giving, it’s a crucial presence, the very skin for our delicate atmospheric protection. If you lived through the Reagan years, you will recall ozone preservation was of such extreme import, people were asked to stop using aerosol all together, all the household cleaners went to spray bottles, even hairspray.

Chemtrail is 100% toxic aerosoling, just let that sink in for a moment.  They are droughting us out with chemtrail, and when thry are successful, al lthe aluminum an other agents will deccimate the planet is a mass dessication event.

The faster more of us awaken to the #Glass Prison policies of Big Government, the more we can lift up to freedom, and it starts with this:

“All Laws repugnant to the Constitution are null and void”.  Marbury vs. Madison 1803

For the media who are under the thumb of oppression by the hierarchy, you are either with us or against us.  You’re working at a pay grade where pleading ignorance is not tolerated by the informed public. If it’s still your opinion toxic skies don’t exist, then your liberal arrogance will be your demise, because you can’t fix stupid.  And the government doesn’t want you to inform us because the cost to them is in the trillions once it is widely known the extreme harm and damage by unconsented experimentation on the people has been done, here’s that proof, and this is just up to 2011, the Government has been spraying us for decades, although it’s been very well known only for the past 4-6 years when it became more obvious.   Further, as States Rights and State Sovereignty is pushed by an informed electorate and their chosen independent Liberty Movement thinkers, we can then move forward with monetary damages against the Administrative Government.

This election season is as critical to our lifeblood as ozone. We can redefine what our future will bring with the right electorate candidates being advanced to help us defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Ask the hard questions of local candidates. If they underwhelm you with pansy assed response to your informed views of the Globalist Agenda or talk milk toast about your right to life,liberty and property and your right to defend  these Endowed Liberties, then you know what to do.



Electorate and candidates call chemtrails what they are, unconsented experimentation on the people.

Congress holds hearing on geoengineering prior to Trump’s deletion of the “climate change” narrative from all EPA and Administrative government literature and websites

Trump Commission on Vaccine Safety  celebrates HHS Civil Office Complaint Dept. Civil Division office opened 1/18/2018 to take reports on Any and All Non Consented Vaccine Damage both Aerosol or Injectable.  Chemtrails are eligible to be reported as unconsented medical procedure. Copy your report to the, Trump’s arm for activism on vaccine safety..

Trayon White DC lawmaker calls out weather manipulation and the Chemtrails/geoengineering as a source of degradation of food supply.

Ryan Bundy for Nevada Governor questions chemtrails,as an affront on the people.

Bill Akins, Secretary of the Republican executive committee in Pasco County, FL states  chemtrails speed our demise, a totally plausible scenario considering the Social Security fund has been incrementally destroyed is currently short over $3Trillion dollars.

Minnesota 2017 .Stop Geoengineering Minnesota has brought suit in United States District Court for the District of Columbia against the Department of Commerce, as well as against NOAA,

Canada 2016 lawsuit filed to overcome federal gag order on chemtrails.

Weather Channel founder John Coleman comes clean on chemtrails, to call the UN Agenda a redistribution of wealth

Articles too numerous to mention regarding GMO, chemtrail and depopulation.