Trumps surprise victory worked for us in so many ways.

The arrogance of the One World Order insults our intelligence and took for granted the rigged Clinton win.

Divine Intervention stepped in.  And what we now have is our POTUS Trump who is doing all he can to pull us back from the brink of civilization jihad.

We can ACTIVATE in so many ways.¬† Grow a Victory Garden, build your community’s knowledge and help POTUS Take Our Country Back.

Read every label of anything you consume. End your addiction to prescriptions ,and anyone in your family. Vote with your dollars. Check out the Farmers Market in your area. Ban all sugar as much as possible. Avoid GMO.

Start a local effort to ban Fluoride in municipal water (see why in SIOI.JPP.3)

Register or update to vote if you haven’t already. Get involved with your RNC (Republican National Convention). Check out The Convention of States. Trump may introduce a new political party, support it.

We have been awakened.

Share this Jane Public Project with anything else you read as authentic news; this is how we can keep each other informed while MSM continues to keep us in the dark.

We Rise.